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Corrugated Displays of Every Type That Help You Sell More Products

In retail stores, corrugated displays are your most potent weapon for attracting customers and showing off your products. Your product presentation often makes the difference between making an impression and/or sale, or getting lost on store shelves.

Getting your important brand messaging in front of customers in an innovative way requires high-quality corrugated products, expertly engineered designs, and the best in precision-printed graphics. Dusobox’s custom-designed and built corrugated point-of-purchase (POP) displays, signs, and standees fit the bill.

With more than 70 years of industry experience have made us well-versed in the many types of corrugated displays that increase in-store sales for our customers across industries. Check out a breakdown of our best-selling custom display creation services below.

Retail Product Displays That Drive Sales

The main advantage of selling products in retail stores versus online is that your customers will be able to touch, feel, and try your product. You only have three to seven seconds to sell customers on your product. Retail product displays, including both floor and counter pieces, enhance potential customers’ in-store experiences with your brand and improve the chance of a sale.

There are two main aspects of corrugated displays that make a huge difference in their usability, effectiveness, longevity, and impact — structure and graphics. Poorly structured displays can incur sunk costs from damage and the need to replace them sooner, and convey your brand as less valuable to its customer base. Graphics can help your product catch consumers’ attention, cross-sell other products, and make your products more interactive and shareable through channels like social media.

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Combining High-Quality Corrugated Packaging With Displays

Your outer corrugated packaging and the displays they sit on should go hand-in-hand to convey your brand’s values and product quality. Avoiding both packaging and display damage with sturdy materials and structurally-sound designs again is essential to convey your brand in the best light.

Graphic designs with top-notch color-matching for implementation across all retail materials make your brand memorable and appear higher quality. Dusobox’s G7 certification ensures color consistency that matches your visual brand exactly in corrugated packaging, displays, and all other materials.

Packaging and displays can also help you take brand loyalty one step further by conveying your values and the causes you support. One important cause that corrugated marketing materials naturally support is sustainability, since corrugated is well-established as one of the most recyclable materials year after year.

If you’re interested in learning more about how packaging and displays interact to increase product sales in retail settings, read more here.

Ensuring Structural Integrity in Our Corrugated Displays

As mentioned, the structural integrity of corrugated displays is an incredibly important contributor to your brand’s appearance as trustworthy and exceptional. To achieve this, it’s necessary to work with an experienced partner who will listen to your unique needs and deliver innovative, lasting structural designs.

Dusobox always makes sure that we find out everything we can about our customers, their brands, and their customers before designing custom retail displays. We’ll find out what and where we’re designing the displays for, retailer requirements, the assembly process and preferences, and the strength needed to hold the products for a long time into the future. By being thorough, experienced design partners, we’re able to create custom displays that check all of our customers’ boxes and help increase their in-store sales.

Beyond the beauty, how do your displays stack up? Find out about our process for ensuring structural integrity here.

Versatilite Multi-Use Floor Displays

Multi-use floor displays are a great tool for promoting spur-of-the-moment point-of-purchase decisions to pick up your products. They create a better opportunity for customers to interact with your products in-stores, as you can use them to hold more than one product at a time, holding consumers’ attention longer.

Multi-use floor displays allow you to place products in more than one location in a retail store. For instance, having a counter display of popular last-minute purchase items that are also available on a separate floor display featuring your other products gives customers more than one chance to consider that product during their shopping trip.

Cost-effective, lightweight, and versatile multi-use corrugated displays can help you connect with retail customers more easily. Find out all the tips and tricks for creating strategically-placed, high-quality multi-use displays here.

Dusobox’s 70+ Years of Experience Make Us a Corrugated Display Company You Know You Can Trust

Dusobox knows how to deliver structurally sound, eye-catching displays that highlight your products amidst a sea of other options in retail stores. We’re known for our responsiveness, thoroughness, and attention to detail that help you save money and increase sales.

Find out how we can improve your next retail packaging program with high-end, effective corrugated packaging and displays by contacting us today.