Private Label Packaging

Increase Your Market Share with Exceptional Private Label Packaging

More and more retailers are turning to private label products to compete against well-known brands. Packaging plays an important role for private label products in advertising cost benefits and communicating a higher value to customers. To help you succeed, Dusobox offers custom private label packaging and displays that will help you capture customers’ attention. No matter the industry you’re competing in, the size and weight of your products, or the benefits you need to convey, Dusobox can deliver eye-catching, innovative, structurally sound packaging that keeps your private label competitive.

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Capture Attention

Dusobox’s G7 Master Colorspace Facility certification ensures exact, vivid colors and graphics across print runs, keeping your private label packaging consistent and recognizable over time.


Communicate Value

Consumers are looking to get more for less. Dusobox will help you create a custom packaging and display program that clearly conveys the benefits of your private label versus the national brands.


Why Dusobox is The Perfect Partner for Private Label Packaging

Win More Customers with Dusobox

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