Protect Your Cargo with Custom Corrugated Chemical Packaging

Shipping chemicals in the United States needs to be done carefully to ensure safe transportation and handling. The Department of Transportation has strict guidelines for chemical shipments, and it’s important that your corrugated chemical packaging minimizes the risk of damage during transit. Dusobox is your one-stop-shop for corrugated chemical packaging that is safe to handle and clearly communicates warnings. Connect with us here to discuss your needs, or reach out to us at 407-855-5120.

Endless Capabilities

When you work with Dusobox, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience and endless capabilities. No matter your needs, we’ll work with you to design and manufacture the right chemical packaging for your business.

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Consistent Design

Our printing capabilities ensure we adequately display required chemical warnings on your packaging. Our G7 Master Facility Colorspace certification also guarantees an exact match to your brand’s colors.

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Partner with Dusobox to Keep Your Cargo Safe

Learn About Your Chemical Packaging Options

We’re ready to partner with you on your chemical packaging needs. Connect with us to learn about our capabilities and get a quote.

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