Custom Electronics Packaging

Secure Your Devices and Make a Brand Impact

Whether you’re manufacturing in-demand consumer electronics or sensitive medical devices, Dusobox offers the custom electronics packaging expertise you need to keep your products secure while also delivering a positive, memorable experience. We offer a complete portfolio of custom corrugated solutions, multiple printing and finishing equipment types, a relentless commitment to sustainability, and global logistics and fulfillment. Here’s how we can support your success.

Consistent, Custom Packaging

Our G7 Master Facility Colorspace certification means that when you work with us for your custom electronics packaging, your customers will benefit from consistent design and functionality with each and every package.


Built for Memorable Unboxings

Whether you’re shipping direct to consumers or to a commercial buyer, we offer numerous corrugated packaging solutions that create instant connections with your audience while protecting the valuable devices contained inside.


How We Deliver Excellence in Custom Electronics Packaging

Let’s Discuss Your Goals for Your Electronics Packaging

Our team is ready to put our decades of industry expertise to work for your success. Connect with us today to learn more about our capabilities and to get a quote.