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Understanding Point of Purchase Displays Effectiveness

Product manufacturers must be strategic in how they position their products within a store to spark customer interest at the right time. In the retail environment, point-of-purchase effectiveness for displays has been showcased in various reports, with one study even finding them to be more effective at generating sales than discounts. What does this mean for product manufacturers? With the right displays on your side, you can drive sales while boosting your bottom line.

Point-of-purchase displays are separate from standard shelving and feature a certain product more engagingly and invitingly. They are used to draw attention to a brand or product with artwork and visuals, which serve as an opportunity to bring your brand to life. 

Whether you choose to showcase your selection on a countertop display near a register or in a large pallet format in the heart of the store, you can leverage these powerful displays to stand out from the shelves and position your products more effectively for your customers. 

95% of Americans have admitted to succumbing to impulse buys within stores, a figure even higher than the number who have impulse-bought items online. With the right displays, you can spark this demand for your products and drive sales. Learn more about the benefits of these unique solutions and point-of-purchase displays effectiveness, as well as what makes Dusobox the ideal partner to level up your display needs. 

Breaking Down Point of Purchase Displays Effectiveness

Increased Product Visibility and Brand Awareness

POP displays allow products to be showcased within the store — generally in high-traffic areas such as checkout counters and aisle ends to catch the attention of shoppers. This boosts brand awareness and ensures you’re spotlighting top products in a way that stands out from the shelves. With so much competition, finding ways to connect with shoppers one-on-one can be highly effective in building a lasting connection. 

Increasing product visibility also increases the chances of consumers taking notice of the displayed items, making them debate purchasing them more than if they were simply on the shelf. POPs that are designed well can leave an impression on the consumer, making them more likely to recognize your brand in the future. With the right display, you can use your custom packaging solution again and again to highlight your products more effectively and secure sales. 

Increase the Chances of Impulse Purchases

Because POPs are placed in heavy traffic areas, like the checkout, shoppers are more likely to pick the products up on a whim. According to one survey, Americans impulsively spend an average of $314 per month, and your displays can help position your products to stand out and secure their interest — and in turn, the sale. Well-executed displays showcase your brand in key spots that pull in new customers and invite them to explore your solutions hands-on, which can help drive sales.

Give Consumers Additional Information

POPs are educational tools as well as marketing tools. While you can’t be physically present during every shopper’s journey, you can use thoughtful displays to speak to your customers and convey vital information that helps drive sales. This may include information on product features, benefits, special offerings, and promotions.

These displays allow shoppers to understand the benefits of the product and feel as though they are making an educated purchase. If a lack of context is a roadblock between you and an impulse purchase from your customers, these displays represent an ideal way of bridging this gap. 

Factors Impacting the Point of Purchase Displays Effectiveness 

Point of purchase displays effectiveness can be influenced by a wide range of factors, but these core components will be top considerations between you and the right packaging partner:

  • Bold graphics and color can catch the eye of shoppers and entice them to check out your product.
  • Vital educational information with thoughtful text that shows the value of your product. 
  • Combine visuals and text to grab the attention of the consumer and hold it by providing information on products and/or promotions

Types of Point of Purchase Displays

With a manufacturer like Dusobox, you can enjoy a wide range of point-of-purchase displays tailored to your unique product and needs. 

Countertop Displays

Placed on tables or counters, these displays are ideal for small products and encourage impulse purchases near the register.

Floor Displays

Positioned on the sales floor, these large and free-standing displays showcase new or high-demand products.

Endcap Displays

These displays are placed at the end of the aisles and help showcase products and promotions in high-traffic areas to grab the attention of shoppers.

Not sure which is right for you? Check out our recent guide on maximizing your point of purchase displays effectiveness and leveraging the best solution for your product.

Experience Point of Purchase Displays Effectiveness when You Partner with Dusobox

Ready to level up your point-of-purchase displays? Choose Dusobox for support. We’re an experienced packaging and display manufacturer based in the United States, and we’ve spent decades serving customers from a wide variety of industries. Our expert team empowers you with tailored solutions to your display needs, and we know what it takes to secure the sales you’re looking for and stand out from the competition with quality custom displays. 

We’ll work with you to understand your products and needs, and then design a point-of-purchase display to showcase your brand more effectively. Contact our team today to see what we can create for you.