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Wow Customers with Corrugated Point-of-Purchase Displays

Point-of-purchase displays can have a powerful impact on sales. Uniquely developed to spark customer interest at a key point in the customer journey, these displays showcase products and encourage shoppers to impulse buy. If you want to level up your customer engagement and spark new sales, turn to corrugated point-of-purchase displays. 

When created using corrugated materials, these sturdy displays can be long-lasting and continue serving your display needs for years to come. This enables you to maximize the value you get from a single display purchase and leverage its powerful impact on sales to better connect with customers while boosting your bottom line. 

Corrugated materials also provide an array of customization opportunities so you can tailor the layout, style, and appearance of your displays to meet your unique needs. Enjoy enhanced customization opportunities with well-designed displays to showcase your brand and authentically speak to customers. 

Read on to explore the different types of corrugated point-of-purchase displays, the benefits of these choices, and how Dusobox can serve your needs. 

Types of Corrugated Point-of-Purchase Displays

Corrugated displays come in many forms, including:

Counter Displays

Uniquely positioned atop the counters, these displays can pull customers in and are ideal for showcasing smaller products. They can be very effective when placed near a register and are uniquely strategic for showcasing products that might be useful to shoppers as they leave, such as beverages, snacks, or commercial goods like hand sanitizer. Choose well-executed counter displays to snag the attention of your customers when it matters most — at the point of purchase.

Floor Displays

Floor displays bring a powerful visual impact for point-of-purchase displays, allowing you to highlight products in a visual format vertically and stand out from the shelves. Don’t settle for uninviting shelf space — in this competitive sphere, centering your products in a vivid, eye-catching display of their own can help you better reach your customers and leave them with a more memorable experience. 

Pallet Displays

Pallet displays offer a 360 display option, encouraging customers to explore your products from all sides. For larger products that pack a more powerful visual punch, a pallet display is an ideal opportunity to provide customers with greater access to your products. Bulky or heavy products, such as soda boxes, also benefit from the ease of pallet displays because they make your products easier to reach and purchase. 

Each corrugated point-of-purchase display offers unique advantages, and the right display partner can help you discover which would be ideal for your display needs.

Benefits of Corrugated Point-of-Purchase Displays

Point-of-purchase displays are highly successful at catching the attention of customers at a prime time and securing impulse buys. They offer several key advantages:

Flexible Strength

Choosing corrugated materials to display your products combines the material’s unique flexible nature with its durability and strength, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting displays tailored to your unique needs. Corrugated materials are also naturally lightweight, empowering you to move and store your display more easily as opposed to a rigid wooden pallet. The combined strength and flexibility of corrugated point-of-purchase displays make them the ideal choice for retail environments.

Endless Customization

Corrugated materials also allow expansive design opportunities, enabling you to showcase your brand with quality colors and logos. With the right partner, you can use your display as a prime opportunity to more effectively engage with your customers and showcase your brand through messaging and authentic aesthetics. It’s also important to partner with a G7-certified facility to ensure your colors are brand-accurate and as vivid as possible.

Cost Savings

Corrugated materials also offer cost-saving advantages, empowering you to keep your display needs within budget while still enjoying top-quality products. Trimming excess costs is a priority for many, and may dissuade some revamping their in-store product displays. With corrugated point-of-purchase displays, you can enjoy a more affordable and strategic solution that can give you a necessary edge over your competition. 

Partner with Dusobox for Quality Point-of-Purchase Displays

At Dusobox, we create high-quality corrugated point-of-purchase displays that can strategically showcase your products and secure impulse sales. We serve a wide range of industries with quality packaging and display solutions and offer many unique display types that can be tailored to best serve you. Whether you’re in the market for a multi-form modular display or you want a countertop or pallet display to put your products in the spotlight, we have the capabilities, equipment and commitment to support you.

Our printing expertise and G7 certification showcase our commitment to excellence, and we go beyond the competition in the value we provide with our full-service approach. We’ll take your display needs from designs to the final product and support your needs at every stage, including secondary services like warehousing if desired. 

When you’re ready to level up your corrugated point-of-purchase displays, the Dusobox team is here to help. Contact us to get started.