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5 Tips for Evaluating Corrugated Display Vendors

Corrugated displays are sturdy, eye-catching ways to showcase your products and spark point-of-purchase (POP) sales. Corrugated materials are not only sustainable, a top priority for many customers, but they’re incredibly durable and a wonderful canvas for powerful branded displays. When you find the ideal partner for your corrugated display project, you can feature your products in stunning, effective ways that appeal to customers. But with so many corrugated display vendors to choose from, how can you be sure you’ve found the right fit?

We’ve prepared a simplified checklist with the key attributes you should consider when evaluating corrugated display vendors, from the facilities they operate to the equipment they use, and much more. Choosing the right manufacturer for your corrugated displays will ensure you receive vivid displays of the highest quality and achieve the sustainability, cost-savings, and tight timelines you require. 

Read on to explore our five simple tips for evaluating corrugated display vendors and why Dusobox is best suited for the job.

Checklist for Evaluating Corrugated Display Vendors


One key consideration when evaluating corrugated display vendors to find your ideal fit is whether their facilities are equipped to handle your project needs. This can be broken down into two questions: where are their facilities located, and do they have the team and tools to accomplish your order with ease? If you choose a vendor that can easily accommodate your area and the volume of products you require, it will ensure you receive your displays without delay or disruption. 

The best partner will be one with the facility space to support you. Evaluate what areas the corrugated display vendors serve and what volume of production they’re able to handle. At Dusobox, we serve all of North America and beyond. Located in Orlando, Florida with additional fulfillment operations in Jacksonville, Florida, we have more than 250,000 square feet of space to serve your needs. Our advanced facilities are capable of handling high-volume orders and our prime location means you can always count on your products to be on time.


When corrugated display vendors are backed by certifications, you can trust that their quality and capabilities are backed by industry standards of success. With display vendors, key certifications include the SFI and FSC sustainability certifications and the G7 color certification.

The SGS Chain of Custody Certification (CoC) is awarded to companies in compliance with PEFC and SFI sustainability standards for corrugated boxes, which Dusobox has achieved. Additionally, Dusobox has achieved the FSC sustainability certification due to our dedication to responsibly sourcing our materials and protecting the planet. These achievements showcase our commitment to producing sustainable products of the highest quality that comply with not one but three CoC standards.

The G7 Master Facility Colorspace certification is an industry-leading set of color specifications that demand maximum accuracy in achieving grey balance and absolute color consistency. We’re proudly certified and received a superior score on our audit for our ability to achieve the most precise results and exceptional quality every time. 

Dive Deeper: Explore why partnering with a G7-certified packaging and display manufacturer is vital for the quality of your products.


To achieve the high quality and tight timelines you require, corrugated display vendors must have advanced equipment that allows them to be more efficient and accurate in their processes. Dated or limited equipment hinders a corrugated display vendor’s ability to work quickly and accurately, two key traits to ensuring the highest quality end result.

Evaluate the equipment your potential display manufacturers use to gauge whether they’re equipped to deliver the best results and drive your project needs forward. At Dusobox, we use the latest technology and machinery in the industry. From advanced 5-color rotary die cutters to key automation tools that empower us with greater speed and precision, we have a wide range of equipment we operate to serve your needs.

Past Success

A great way to gauge how well a corrugated display vendor will support your needs is to explore the past successes they have in serving their customers. When corrugated display vendors feature past examples of their work for other clients and demonstrate the value they delivered in those projects, you can count on them to provide that same level of expertise for your needs. At Dusobox, we’re proud to showcase our long history of success in providing maximum value to our customers for their display and packaging needs, and we encourage you to explore our case studies to review our work. 

It’s also important to learn whether they have experience creating effective displays within your unique industry. A vendor with experience creating corrugated displays to feature toys may not know the agricultural industry well enough to create an effective display for that sector. At Dusobox, we serve a wide range of industries, from agricultural and automotive to health and beauty, toys, and many more. We embrace difficult challenges, using our advanced design ability and printing expertise to bring your vision to life. No matter your niche, we’ll create a stunning corrugated display best suited to your needs.

Start-to-Finish Support

The best corrugated display vendors deliver start-to-finish support for your project needs. When you partner with a provider offering comprehensive capabilities, you ensure a higher quality product with more support throughout the process to ensure you’re set up for success. 

From design guidance to production to further operations like inventory management, evaluate the level of support your potential vendor will provide you. At Dusobox, we strive to be a single-source solutions provider for your needs. We design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute so you feel supported every step of the way. This unparalleled level of support ensures your needs are met completely and your displays are of the highest quality. 

Deciding Between Corrugated Display Vendors? The Choice is Easy with Dusobox

At Dusobox, we go above and beyond to serve our customers with powerful packaging and display solutions. We have more than 70 years of experience in serving our customers with a value-packed, personalized approach that results in quality custom solutions every time. 

With Dusobox, you never have to settle for a plain brown box. Our expertise in packaging and displays allows you to showcase your brand with authentic displays that appeal to your customers and advance your ROI. We’ve got extensive experience delivering innovative displays to happy customers, and we’re eager to do the same for you.

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