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Printing on Corrugated Boxes: Benefits, Options, and Finding the Right Partner

Product manufacturers across all industries are tasked with the challenge of creating the perfect packaging to protect and showcase their products. Without the right packaging, manufacturers miss out on a valuable opportunity to engage their customers and make the best impression. Printing on corrugated boxes empowers product makers to leverage the connection opportunity that packaging provides in a high-quality, lower-cost way. 

Corrugated boxes rise to the top in the value they provide to customers, serving as a cost-effective packaging solution with strong durability and endless customization opportunities. They also serve as a canvas for branding and imagery through a variety of printing options that enable you to bring your business to life in a memorable, meaningful way. 

Read on to explore the benefits and options you have for printing on corrugated boxes, and how you can empower your project needs with the right full-service partner on your side.

Benefits of Printing on Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes offer an array of unique advantages for product manufacturers, including:


Corrugated materials offer vital stability that keeps your products safe through the shipping process. Its strength helps ensure your customers will receive your products without damage caused during transit, which might leave shoppers with a negative brand experience and dissuade them from making another purchase. Choose corrugated materials over flimsy paper or cardboard packaging to deliver the best experience for your buyers.

Cost Savings

Corrugated materials are lower in cost than some alternatives and provide an opportunity to save money without sacrificing quality. Cutting costs is a priority for businesses across all industries, but it can feel difficult to find the right spot to trim expenses without risking the quality of your product. Printing on corrugated materials enables you to provide an enhanced experience to your customers while saving money and protecting your bottom line.


Corrugated materials are naturally flexible, allowing you to more easily customize the shape and functionality of your boxes. The right packaging manufacturer can work with you to discover unique ways of showcasing your product within stellar packaging, helping you stand out from the competition and dull packaging options.

Printing Capabilities

Corrugated boxes are ideal for a variety of printing methods and allow you more customization opportunities to make your packaging your own. They serve as the perfect canvas to brand your packaging and leave buyers with a memorable impression. Many buyers appreciate the experience of receiving a vivid package with a branded box, so going the extra mile can help boost sales and meet the high expectations of your customers. 

Options for Printing on Corrugated Boxes

Printing on corrugated boxes provides ample opportunity to tailor your packaging to your desired appearance so you can visually engage customers and forge relationships with quality branding. Whereas some materials may restrict the number of colors you can use or limit you to black-and-white printing, when you choose the right corrugated packaging partner, you can count on vivid printing with brand-accurate logos and colors.

Don’t settle for dull packaging - you can choose to infuse brand colors, logos, symbols, or other imagery on your packaging to showcase your brand’s identity. With the right packaging partner, you can turn to a trusted design team with the equipment and capabilities to transform your brand into the perfect packaging. 

Corrugated boxes are compatible with multiple printing methods, including digital printing, flexographic printing, and more. 

Digital Printing

Digital printing is fast and flexible, empowering you to achieve a faster speed-to-market timeline while saving money. This method doesn’t use printing plates, enabling you to save on costs and print smaller quantities without seeing the same amount of waste associated with smaller runs of other methods. It still provides the same great quality and customization opportunities as other methods and allows you to think beyond the box in how you showcase your brand.

Dive Deeper: Learn more about the value of digital printing. 

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is high-speed and high-efficiency, commonly used to print large volumes of packaging. It utilizes a flexible polymer plate and mimics a modern-day version of the letterpress. It’s also highly automated, helping you save even more money while enjoying a more efficient process. Though not ideal for smaller orders, it’s very advantageous for large production runs. 

Offset Printing

Offset printing utilizes a printing plate, making it slightly more expensive to operate. It excels in creating high-quality results but isn’t known for its turnaround time, meaning its costs can grow if your journey to market is delayed. Still, it’s known as a popular printing choice that delivers highly detailed, premium results.

Choosing the Right Partner

No matter which printing option you choose, you can count on the right team to serve your needs. There are two key considerations for choosing the right partner when you’re ready to empower your packaging by printing on corrugated boxes. 

Printing Expertise - A G7 master colorspace facility is an important measure to ensure your partner sticks to your precise specifications and produces brand-accurate packaging when printing on corrugated boxes. The printing equipment your facility uses is also a factor that impacts the efficiency of your project and its finished quality. 

Full-Service Capabilities - Beyond printing, your partner can provide value with other key services. A full-service partner is equipped to handle every stage of your project, from design guidance to manufacturing and printing to assembly, and more. Choosing a holistic partner can help you finalize your project faster and count on higher quality. 

Customization Opportunities - Not sure which printing method is right for you? At Dusobox, we can blend printing methods to ensure your final results stay within budget and are as polished as possible. Turn to our team for custom projects that match your precise requirements. 

Ready to Try Printing on Corrugated Boxes? Partner with Dusobox 

At Dusobox, we’re committed to delivering exceptional packaging and displays printed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality. We serve a wide variety of industries, from food and beverage manufacturers to automotive, nutraceutical, and more. In addition to high-quality custom corrugated packaging, we offer advanced display systems tailored to your needs, whether you want to showcase your product on the shelves or off. 

Our experienced team is eager to help you determine the best packaging plan for your needs. Contact us today to get started and save money by printing on corrugated boxes.