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How Can Digital Printing on Corrugated Help You?

At one time, if you wanted high-quality graphics on your custom corrugated boxes or custom displays, your options were offset litho-lamination or flexography. Digital printing was looked at as something that was used for prototypes or very small runs.

Although traditional methods still have a useful place, advances in digital printing have helped launch corrugated digital printing into mainstream use, expanding the options available to brands. As direct-to-consumer shipping (subscription boxes and online purchases) has grown exponentially, the need for customized packaging that elevates the unboxing experience to viral-worthy status has become a necessity as brands vie for consumer dollars.

In a survey conducted by NAPCO Research, 80%of brand owners reported that packaging is a key marketing tool for their companies and that they prefer to work with printers/converters that offer digital printing. Of course, to maximize the benefits of digital printing, you will need to find a manufacturer of custom packaging that invests in the latest digital printing technology. Additionally, beyond the printing equipment technology, having a G7 Master Facility Colorspace certification on its printing equipment further ensures you will receive absolute color consistency.

Top 3 Benefits You'll Encounter with Corrugated Digital Printing


Digital printing solves many of the challenges that brand owners face with regards to flexibility of printing. According to the NAPCO survey mentioned above, some of the top challenges facing brands include the following:

  • 40% stated keeping up with frequent new product introductions
  • 40% stated designing packaging that influences purchasing
  • 39% stated managing many product versions
  • 33% stated creating “unboxing” excitement for e-commerce sales
  • 23% stated addressing demand for frequent design changes

One of the biggest benefits you will come to love about digital printing is the flexibility it provides over traditional print methods.

  • Align your marketing campaigns with your corrugated packaging and scale your efforts as needed from one to thousands, easily changing your designs as needed
  • Mass customization allows your packaging and displays to speak directly to a specific demographic or geographical area without having to do large runs of each
  • Variable printing creates a "wow factor" when customers receive personalized packaging
  • Get creative with multiple versions of packaging, encouraging repeat customers


According to the NAPCO survey, almost half of the respondents cited improving supply chain efficiency as a challenge. The speed of digital printing can can increase the efficiency of your packaging supply chain by getting packaging to you faster. It’s the speed-to-market that also lends itself to the possibilities. With traditional printing, you are often planning months in advance. While you may still be planning, you have more agility with digital printing since turn-around time from graphics to press is hours and not days.

  • No printing plates, unlike offset printing, contributes to the speed and flexibility
  • The ability to print on demand allows you to create relevant campaigns or quickly incorporate the latest social trends
  • Hit new and growing markets quickly to increase your market share

Save Money

Print quality, flexibility, and speed-to-market start to lose their appeal if it costs you more. Digital printing can actually be very cost-effective for the right types of jobs.

  • Since you no longer have to print very large runs to make it cost-effective, you will reduce print inventories and free up storage space
  • Digital printing doesn’t use printing plates, so you save on the costs associated with them
  • Print smaller quantities, reducing waste you might otherwise have if you change your design or campaigns

Not Sure if Digital Printing is Right for You?

If you are still not sure if digital printing is right for your project, contact Dusobox. As retail consultants with an in-house design center, we can help you find the right solution. Whether you need e-commerce custom printed boxes or structural design and floor displays, we have the experience and technology to make your brand stand out and turn your print challenges into successes.

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