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Impress Customers and Cut Costs with Printed Corrugated Packaging

When you want to form a long-lasting connection with your customers and soar beyond the competition, printed corrugated packaging is a powerful asset. Printed corrugated packaging is custom-designed with your brand’s identity in mind, utilizing your logo, coloring, and fonts to add a unique and personal touch to your product’s packaging. It allows you to showcase your brand in a striking and memorable way, helping entice customers and form deeper connections. 

In the retail environment, this can help your products stand out among other bland, basic packaging on the shelves. Effective retail packaging can attract the attention of new customers and enhance the customer experience. For e-commerce products, printed corrugated packaging can help build a tangible connection to your brand and provide a better unboxing experience to customers compared to plain shipping boxes. It shows you went the extra mile to make your packaging more memorable.

Read on to explore the advantages of printed corrugated packaging and how you can partner with an expert packaging manufacturer to bring your brand to life through custom packaging that supports your bottom line. 

Advantages of Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging


Corrugated packaging is more durable than other options like simple cardboard, helping to give your product a more luxurious feel, even if it doesn’t come at a luxury price point. The thick material offers superior protection for your products and helps you provide buyers with a better experience, which can turn a new customer into a loyal one. 

Its enhanced strength and sturdiness make it more resilient in the shipping process so it arrives to your customers in pristine condition. Where some other materials may dent, wrinkle, or become damaged through transportation, printed corrugated packaging will remain strong and ready to impress when it arrives in your customers’ hands.

More Customization Opportunities

Corrugated materials offer a wide range of printing and graphic capabilities. In a sea of bland competitors, vibrant packaging with high-quality designs could be key for standing out. Printed corrugated packaging allows you to make your packaging your own, reflective of your brand’s identity and image. 

With printed corrugated materials, you’re not limited to basic brown boxes with black ink — you can print quality graphics with vivid colors with ease. The right packaging partner can use their printing capabilities or G7 certification to bring your packaging to life with brand-accurate, bold colors.

Dive Deeper: Learn more about the importance of partnering with a G7-certified packaging partner. 

More Cost-Effective

Corrugated packaging is a more cost-effective option that provides superior value to many of its packaging counterparts. It’s naturally lightweight, helping to reduce your shipping costs and save money in the storage process. Corrugated printed packaging is also cheaper in price than some other options but offers exceptional durability and longevity. This means you can enjoy better packaging that supports your bottom line.

Cost-savings are a key priority for many businesses, and with corrugated packaging, you don’t have to compromise quality or customization capabilities in order to save.

More Sustainable

As many companies set sustainability goals to support the planet and customer demand, corrugated packaging offers a perfect solution. It’s more sustainable than its counterparts and can be recycled multiple times, extending its lifespan. A strong alternative to plastic packaging, you can enjoy the same quality, strength, and customization opportunities you expect while satisfying the growing customer demand for sustainable packaging. 

Recent reports show that 58% of American consumers are more likely to choose products with sustainable packaging, and an estimated 46% reported their willingness to pay more for a product with sustainable packaging, like corrugated materials. Go beyond the competition and serve your shoppers with the sustainable packaging they’re seeking. 

Enjoy Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging with Dusobox Today

When you’re ready to leverage the power of custom printed corrugated packaging, we’re here to help. Here are a few ways we go beyond our competition to serve your needs:

Comprehensive Capabilities

We design, engineer, print, and distribute high-quality packaging made to your precise specifications. Our start-to-finish support ensures you have a strong partner on your side to see your project through from beginning to end and ensure your needs are met every step of the way. We’re here to help you determine the best way to bring your brand to life through quality printed corrugated packaging, then we’ll execute your vision with efficient production that supports your bottom line.

Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

We’ve provided high-quality custom packaging to a wide range of industries, including e-commerce products, toys, retail, and many more. Our packaging helps our customers stand out from the competition in your industry and supports your bottom line. To see our solutions in action, explore this case study where we supported a blueberry farmer with unique printed corrugated packaging that helped them achieve shorter lead times and supported their shipping needs. 

Packaging and Printing Experts

We’ve passionately served our customers for decades, honing our expertise in effective packaging design and manufacturing. In addition to our packaging expertise, we’re G7-certified, showcasing our commitment to exceptional, brand-accurate printing. We uphold rigid quality standards and use our expertise and advanced capabilities to bring your packaging needs to life and help you better serve your customers. 

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When you partner with our team for your corrugated printed packaging needs, you can count on custom packaging made to your precise specifications and to the highest quality standards. Contact our team today for better packaging that helps you impress customers and cut costs — without ever compromising quality.