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Custom Cardboard Printing Gets Your Brand Noticed

Looking to up your game and draw attention to your brand? Custom cardboard printing can help. 

Your corrugated boxes, displays, and signs do not need to be boring. Custom cardboard printing can take them from meh to magnificent. If you are looking for ways to implement custom printing to spotlight your brand, here are five ways successful brands use custom printing to get noticed.

If you have a project in mind, Dusobox is ready to get you started. Talk to one of our experts today. 

Five Corrugated Products That Benefit From Custom Cardboard Printing

Product Retail Packaging

Your branding is a critical aspect of your marketing efforts. Product packaging design can influence a consumer to pick your product up off the shelf and purchase it. Color, typography, and other design elements work together to create your brand’s identity. 

Color plays a huge role in brand recognition. Blue, red, black, and yellow are the most commonly used brand colors, but other brand colors are instantly recognized, such as Home Depot Orange, Cadbury purple, or Starbucks green. Studies have shown that color can increase brand recognition by 80 percent, and brand recognition directly links to consumer confidence. In combination with other design elements, color can elicit a response in the buyer.

You have only seconds in a crowded retail space to get noticed. Custom printing can bring your brand to life.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes have blown up thanks to the pandemic – both in terms of existing brand growth and new entries into the market. One report shows existing subscription box brands grew on average 31 percent in 2021, with pets & animals (64%), food & beverage (41%), and home goods (39%) verticals leading in growth.

Subscription boxes provided stability during an unpredictable time, but despite new challenges (inflation, logistics, etc.), top brands have continued to grow.

Custom printed subscription boxes can create a positive unboxing experience, increase subscriber loyalty and turn ordinary packaging into a viral sensation.   

E-commerce Packaging

Custom e-commerce packaging is just as important as retail packaging. Printing it with custom artwork that allows your brand to shine can create continuity between all marketing channels, such as retail packaging, store displays, online, etc. 

E-commerce sales are showing no signs of slowing as 2022’s first quarter sales hit $250 billion, outdoing record quarterly sales seen during the height of the pandemic. High sales mean more competition for brands, which need to pull out all the stops to attract consumers. 

E-commerce packaging doesn’t have to be plain brown boxes. With custom printing, you can build a connection with your customers, who will look forward to receiving your boxes in the mail. Unlike retail, consumers can’t hold the package before buying it, and their first contact is when they get it into their home. Brands have a big responsibility to ensure what they finally hold in their hands meets or exceeds their expectations of what they saw online. Custom printing your e-commerce boxes will delight your customers. 

Signs and Standees

Capture your customers’ attention with signs and standees with vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics. When your message is front and center, customers will take notice. Custom printed signs and standees are seen in various locations, such as in retail to draw attention to products, outside events, and even hung on a wall. The signs can be used to cross-sell products, promote your brand or inform your customers.  

If you require a waterproof sign for temporary use outside or for use in damp conditions, Mako-Board substrate, a two-sided 100% recyclable board, prints beautifully with no flute shadow. It can be printed with both offset and digital printing, allowing you the versatility to print a large number for wide distribution or smaller test runs for local use.  

Point-of-Purchase Displays

Like retail packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) displays provide an opportunity to impress your customers in person. Although e-commerce shopping is seeing all-time highs, customers still want to interact with brands. In one survey, more than half said the biggest drawback is being unable to interact physically with the product. So it is not likely that in-store shopping is going away. 

While retail packaging needs to catch customers’ attention on the shelf, POP displays can be placed in store aisles for easy visibility. Bold and vibrant graphics can jump off a display and stop shoppers in their tracks. Displays can be printed flexo, digital, offset or a combination of all 3. Be sure to work with a printer that can offer the best solution specifically suited to your goals.. 

Trust Nothing Less Than G7 Master for Your Custom Cardboard Printing

When you want your printed corrugated products to stand out, you need the reliability and consistency you get from a G7-certified printing facility. Color consistency across all brand assets is critical. G7 certifications give a printer the tools to provide consistency and deal with any technical issues that may stand in the way of achieving it. Working with a G7-certified printer guarantees that the outcome of colors and graphics in any print run will be high-quality, and colors will be spot on. 

Dusobox is a G7 Master Qualified Facility on all of our printing processes, including digital, offset, and flexographic. In addition, we have made significant investments in traditional and digital print technologies to provide you with the highest quality, customized corrugated products available. Beyond print, we will ensure your product is engineered to stand up to whatever it may encounter because structural design and integrity are just as important as print. At Dusobox, you get the complete package – strength, functionality, and beauty. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you wow your customers with high-quality printed corrugated products.