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How a G7 Certified Printer Guarantees Consistent Color Management

What is a G7 Certified Printer?

One aspect of packaging that consumer brands will want to have full trust in is the consistent, high-quality printing of their graphics. Inconsistencies in your brand color across packaging reduce its recognizability and give your branding a lower-quality image in the eyes of consumers. Improper color management can also lead to packaging that simply misses the mark, not fulfilling your original vision.

When choosing a printing and packaging partner, you’re making a significant investment into your physical marketing pieces. So how can you ensure a sound investment that captures sales and achieves returns? One way is to work with a partner that has secured industry-recognized certifications of excellence.

When it comes to managing color consistency and dealing with any technical issues that may stand in its way, the G7 certification is the industry’s best. Working with a G7 certified printer guarantees that the outcome of colors and graphics in any packaging print run will be high-quality and ensures consistent packaging that complements and extends your brand image.

G7 certification involves a three-day, in-person training program created by Idealliance, a worldwide association of brands, printers, and technology companies that develops graphic communications certifications. The program is aimed at making its participants experts at achieving proper gray balance, ensuring color consistency.

Let’s take a deep dive into the different elements of the program and how they affect outcomes. Here is how a G7 certified printer is able to achieve the best printing process and output.

Color Management

G7 certification helps to guarantee color consistency with every printing process, ink, or substrate. It aims to help printing professionals turn out the color that they and their clients expect during print runs with exact color matching.

Once the correct color balance is achieved in prototype form, a G7 certified printer will be able to set a standardized method that achieves the desired outcome repeatedly. This results in not only a high-quality first run of your packaging but also in a formal, established process that will duplicate the quality in all future runs. As color is an emotional aspect of branding, with consistent color management over time, consumers will be able to invest emotionally in your brand image and come to recognize and trust the way that your brand appears in physical form.

This will also help to make sure your branding is consistent even if you want to try out a new or more daring design requiring a different printing process than usual. Since the G7 certification is aimed at making printers experts at achieving visual similarity and color consistency across different circumstances, your printing partner will be able to more easily adapt your pre-established branding requirements in exciting, new graphic projects.

Efficient Processes

The G7 certification also supports printers in being able to speed up your product to market time while simultaneously being cost-efficient. Working with a printer that can achieve the proper, high-quality results in less time will aid your company in a highly competitive market and increase your resulting profit margin.

Prior to printing, you’ll benefit from reduced costs due to proofing and shipping. A G7 expert will be able to reach the desired result in a design’s color appearance more efficiently, with fewer unsuccessful tries and less waste, than an uncertified printer.

During printing, your printer will experience fewer color discrepancies between proof and press, leading again to a quicker, less stressful process that produces less waste. You’ll be able to rest easy with the elevated confidence level you’ll have in your printer’s ability to produce consistent, excellent results on time and within budget.

After your first print run, subsequent runs will have less make-ready time due to the efficient, repeatable processes put in place by your printer. This results in a high consistency level in reprints, again reducing waste and sunk costs.

Quality Control

Lastly, a G7 certified printer will be more likely able to avoid costly printing mistakes and resolve any issues quickly to keep projects on track. Having clear, standardized expectations upfront for what is considered acceptable quality will create a better foundation for quality control efforts during the printing process and promote open communication throughout.

G7 processes align all printing equipment, substrates, and ink types in order to make consistent quality more achievable for professionals. Targeting the exact needed gray balance and meeting, then maintaining the expected color appearance while avoiding mistakes is easier for those with a G7 certification.

If any problems do arise during printing, a G7 certified printer is trained to recognize, diagnose, and address these issues quickly, so that a technical problem ruins as little of a run as possible. Being able to calibrate (and recalibrate) systems and equipment to G7 specifications at any time makes printing outcomes more predictable, resulting in more consistent quality control throughout the entirety of a printing partner relationship.

Dusobox is a G7 Certified Printer

Dusobox not only employs G7-certified experts, but it is a fully Master Qualified G7 printing facility with Colorspace Compliance. Colorspace is the most stringent, extensive, and the highest level of compliance in G7 facility certification. It involves achieving grayscale, excellent color targeting skills, and maintaining extremely tight tolerances when it comes to color matching and consistency with any color or combination of colors.

The G7 Master Facility Qualification with Colorspace Compliance ensures the integrity of our packaging printing, proving upfront that Dusobox is a printing partner you can count on. Our constant upkeep of this certification reflects our emphasis on achieving consistently high print quality in every project. We can help you build and maintain customer confidence, loyalty, and positive opinions of your brand through innovative physical marketing pieces that promote the superior value of your products.

Contact Dusobox, a G7 Master Qualified Facility on all printing processes, for high-quality packaging you know you can trust.