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Driving Sales With a Memorable Unboxing Experience

How important is the unboxing experience to consumers? After all, people have been getting packages delivered to their homes for centuries. Granted, products that were once ordered via an arduous mail-order process are now available sometimes the same day with just a few keystrokes. Before YouTube influencers popularized the unboxing genre, a plain brown box with some bubble wrap was sufficient.

Today, if you are using a plain brown box and bubble wrap, particularly if purchasing decisions you are a subscription service, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity and could actually be putting off potential customers. A study conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board found that 7 out of 10 respondents reported that the design of a product's packaging influences their purchasing decisions and nearly as many said the materials used to package a product influence their decision. Plus, a Google survey showed that 62 percent of people who view unboxing videos do it while researching a product. Unboxing videos showcasing desirable packaging design can potentially create more buyers. Packaging matters!

7 out of 10 Respondents reported that the design of a product's packaging influences their purchasing decisions.

If you want to turn your ordinary packaging into a viral-worthy delight, follow these tips:

1. Know Your Customer

You can't impress your customers if you don't know who they are what matters to them. Each demographic group places its own value on certain components of the e-commerce experience. Understanding these differences can help you to provide a better unboxing experience.

The age of your target customer can give you more clues to their preferences. For example, sustainability continues to be a big concern for many shoppers. A Dotcom 2019 survey found that slightly over 50 percent of shoppers aged 45-60 were more likely to purchase from brands that use sustainable packaging; however, this number rises to 3 out of 4 in the 18-29 age range.

The profession of your buyer may play a roll in their satisfaction with an unboxing experience. For example, an engineer or analytical thinker may prefer packaging that fits together neatly and has a clear progression to unpacking it. Contrast that to an artist or right brain thinker who can appreciate abstract and unique configurations.

Also, consider that the person who is buying the product isn't necessarily the end user. Beautifully presented packaging lends itself to gifting and corporate giving. Statistics show that the presentation of the packaging is even more import­ant in these situations. A survey conducted on by lpsos, a marketing research company, found that 8 of 10 respondents said packaging design will influence their gift selection and nearly two thirds felt that paper and cardboard packaging makes products seem premium or high quality.

Understanding your target customer will help you to deliver the type of experience they will enjoy.

2. Use a Branded Box

Branding the shipping box will create immediate anticipation for what is inside, heightening the unboxing experience. If you've ever ordered through a subscription service that uses easily recognizable packaging, you understand how branded boxes elicit emotions in the receivers. Seeing the familiar box sitting on your stoop waiting to be unpackaged can make you feel like a kid at Christmas. A consumer is more likely to repurchase a product when they have a positive emotional response to the packaging.

3. Use Appropriate Packaging Materials

The box style should be appropriate for the product and brand. How the box opens and closes, it's complexity, weight, construction, coatings, and of course, printing will all tell a story about your product and brand. No matter what the style, it should also be easy to open. Someone struggling to open your box can make an unboxing video go viral for all the wrong reasons. Even if the customer isn't creating a video, it can ruin the entire experience.

Internal components tell a story, too. Although they are necessary to prevent damage from components moving around, they should also be aesthetically pleasing. Be consistent with your branding throughout. Whether it is inner packaging, tissue paper, stickers, instructions, or special offers, every component should feel like it belongs. Consider not only using your logo to achieve this but color pallet and quality of the materials as well.

The amount of packaging matters, too. A 2019 MacFarlane survey revealed that a third of respondents thought the packag­ing was too big for the item, and almost a quarter reported that too much packaging was used. Finding the balance between creating a memorable experience and optimizing the amount of packaging is important.

4. Pack for Presenting

If there is a main component, it should take center stage. Don't cover it with accessories or other components.

When your box is opened, each item inside should appear to have been deliberately placed and not tossed in haphazardly. Consider how the consumer will unbox it and how you want them to feel at each step.

If the product requires charging, consider having it at least partially charged. It will add to the experience if it can be used right away.

DusoBox Can Elevate Your Customers' Unboxing Experiences

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