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Beyond the Beauty, How Does Your Display Stack Up?

When it comes to corrugated POP displays, appearances matter. To successfully merchandise and sell your products, the aesthetics of your brand is essential but equally important is the quality of the display itself. Your display is representative of your brand. If your POP displays lack structural integrity, your brand could suffer.

Engineering for Beauty and Strength

At DusoBox, we use the latest innovations in corrugated software, technology, and printing to ensure your displays remain as eye-catching in the retail stores as they did during production and pack out. The care we put into engineering your display can bring you increased revenue and peace of mind.

When we engineer your POP display, we are not only designing it to be aesthetically pleasing but also to be structurally sound. The structural integrity of the display is just as crucial as the amazing graphics. The display must safely hold the desired amount of product and maintain its integrity throughout its expected lifespan.

Before and while we are engineering a display, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Whom am I designing for? Are we representing the brand appropriately? What are the customer’s requirements?
  • What are we designing for? Where will this be placed–inline or endcap? What are the retailers’ requirements?
  • How easy is this to assemble? Will this design create assembly challenges that could lead to failure?
  • What material grades and design characteristics are required to achieve the strength needed?

Only when we can answer these questions, can we be sure the display meets the needs of the product, the customer, the retailer, and the assembly facility.

Feedback to Make Changes When Required

Aside from the customer’s input, we seek feedback from the relationships we have with our customer’s assembly facilities. We will often ship them samples in advance to get feedback about how the design works on their lines.  If they have an issue or recommend a change, we can make the change before design is finalized.

Proper Design Reduces Total Costs

The cost of poor design can be high. You risk additional assembly costs if the design isn’t optimized for your lines. You risk losing retail opportunities if your designer doesn’t understand the various retail requirements You risk tarnishing your brand if your display falls apart at retail. Proper design can help you avoid the future costs associated with these risks.

The engineering team at Dusobox will work with you to turn your toughest display challenge into your greatest success story. Contact us to get started.