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Three Ways Corrugated Packaging and Displays Can Increase Sales

If you are looking to increase sales, and who isn’t, look no further than corrugated packaging and displays. When used strategically, corrugated board’s versatility provides you the building blocks you need to create amazing packaging and displays that will wow your customers and keep them coming back.

Below are three ways that corrugated can drive sales.

Osteo Bi-Flex Corrugated Packaging Display

Above all Else Protect

If you have ever received a damaged product, you understand how frustrating it can be to contact the company, repackaging the item, ship it back and wait for a new product or refund. This not only inconveniences your customer, but it also tarnishes your brand and can cost you future sales. I bought a pair of lamps online, and both arrived damaged. I had redecorated a room and was so excited to get the lamps. Imagine my disappointment when I opened the boxes. The company replaced them, but my wait was longer than it needed to be, and I felt inconvenienced. I quick search online showed I wasn’t the only customer receiving a damaged product. When I needed lamps again, I went somewhere else. 

When properly designed by a corrugated design engineer, you should never experience a disappointed customer or damaged products. Corrugated is completely customizable to your specific products. You need corrugated packaging; why not optimize it to accommodate your specific product? Corrugated is more than the box but can be used internally as inserts and dividers to ensure your product doesn’t move during transport and handling.

Design To Delight

There are two facets to design: structural and graphic. Both can be used to provide memorable packaging and displays that will create positive disruption in the marketplace.

Structural Design

Create product packaging and displays with corrugated that stand out from the competition. A unique packaging configuration can lead to a viral unboxing experience that will expand your brand recognition and increase sales. POP displays beyond the ordinary will make consumers stop in their tracks as you capture their attention and wallets.  

Bull Frog Custom Display

Graphic Design

You have mere seconds to grab a consumer’s attention. Ordinary won’t cut it. Fortunately, corrugated gives you a blank slate to create artwork that will make your product or display stand out. Whether you are designing custom subscription boxes, high graphic custom retail boxes, or displays, the right design with the right printing process can increase product sales and strengthen brand equity. 

With corrugated, you have many printing options available to you, including: 

• Digital
• Flexographic
• Offset
• A combination of all three printing techniques 

Just be sure that the option you choose is G7 certified. G7 certification ensures that your brand colors remain consistent no matter where they are printed.

Show Them You Care 

Millennials and Gen Z hold a lot of buying power. According to YPulse, the combined spending power was more than $2.5 Trillion in 2020. This younger generation is focused on businesses that support a cause, including sustainability. Your packaging choice is one way you can demonstrate to your customers that you care about the environment and understand their concerns. 

Corrugated comes from a sustainable resource, uses recycled materials in its production, and is recyclable. And if you require a waterproof, recyclable material, Mako-Board is the perfect solution for indoor applications exposed to hot, cold, moist, and wet environments and temporary outdoor applications.  Using digital printing with water-based food-safe inks, you can ensure your total packaging solution meets your customers’ sustainability expectations. 

If you are ready to take your packaging and displays to the next level, contact Dusobox. With a critical eye for design aesthetics, coupled with the absolute science of engineered functionality, we provide brilliant, accurate, and effective corrugated packaging, displays, and sign programs that maximize your ROI.