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Retail Product Displays Help Drive Sales

Having effective retail product displays (point-of-purchase (POP) or point-of-sale (POS) displays) is even more critical today as retail sales have seen a decline over pre-COVID levels. This is putting more pressure on retailers to find ways to increase sales. 

The good news is that even though many consumers have turned to online shopping, a physical store offers a unique component of the shopping journey that can’t be replicated online. In one Bizfeel survey, more than half of the 30,000 consumers surveyed revealed that the biggest drawback of online shopping is not being able to touch, feel, and try a product. Nearly a quarter of them missed the physical shopping experience.

Once people are in the physical store, they tend to spend more than they might online because they are more likely to give in to impulse purchases (FirstInsight). This is where retail product displays play a role in capturing consumer dollars. POP and POS Displays that are correctly implemented and stocked provide an opportunity for the consumer to engage with your product to create that impulse buy.

Retail product displays have been shown effective at increasing sales across all retail channels. Supermarket shoppers are 2.5 times more likely than mass shoppers to select a product from a display. However, displays in mass merchant stores result in more impulse buying. So having a display that encourages impulse buying is even more critical in these locations. 

Making Retail Product Displays Stand Out

A consumer decides on which brand to purchase in just three to seven seconds, so it is imperative that your product captures the consumer’s eye quickly. To be effective, the aesthetics of your brand is essential, but equally so are the quality and the aesthetics of the display itself.

Structural Integrity is Paramount

Corrugated displays are a cost-effective alternative to permanent displays, but this doesn’t mean you should settle for a flimsy substitute. Your display will be on the retail sales floor for months loaded with merchandise and exposed to the store environment, potentially bumped into by shopping carts, moved, or experience other unanticipated actions.

The engineering and integrity of the display are vital. A poorly designed display can incur unexpected costs from lost revenue. If it falls apart, it may be pulled off the floor early or convey that your brand is low quality. Also, if it is challenging to put together by the retailer, it may not be used at all. Displays should be intuitive to assemble and have a minimum number of steps to build. You also need to be aware of the retailer’s requirements and the retail footprint, as limited space may require creativity with the display design. 

This is why it is imperative that you work with a corrugated display manufacturer that understands retail requirements and structural design and is creative. They should have familiarity with various substrates that can most effectively be used for your display type and expected conditions. They should also understand the structural limitations, such as weak points, and determine solutions for overcoming challenges. Getting the most use out of your display will increase visibility and sales. The right corrugated partner will have the ability to design multi-use displays that will allow your product longer visibility. If your display isn’t structurally sound and functional, beautiful graphics won’t matter.

Capture Attention with Graphics

A structurally sound display with appealing graphics will capture attention. Corrugated gives you a blank slate for high graphic artwork that will help your product stand out above all others and have consumers putting your product into their cart. With various printing options (digital, flexographic, offset) to choose from, you can be sure to create a display that represents your brand and your budget. 

Some ways that retail product displays can capture attention include:

  • Knowing your target customer — understand what speaks to your customer and incorporate it; for example, nostalgia or retro designs, clean lines, or artistic flair. 
  • Using the power of social media — create a display that makes an Instagrammable moment for your customer.
  • Cross-selling your products — use signage with the display to introduce other products.

Dusobox’s Retail Product Display Solutions

At Dusobox, we create displays that get products noticed, increase product turns, and strengthen brands with eye-catching, structurally sound displays. With a critical eye for design aesthetics, coupled with the absolute science of engineered functionality, we provide brilliant, accurate, and effective corrugated displays and sign programs that will maximize your ROI. If you are ready to take your displays to the next level, contact Dusobox.

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