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Boost Your Brand with Custom Packaging Boxes

What are Custom Packaging Boxes?

Custom packaging boxes are a corrugated packaging solution that allows you to replace bland brown boxes with a fresh, thoughtful design relevant to your organization. Your packaging is your customer’s first interaction with your product. Beautifully designed custom packaging boxes will stand out and make that first impression a memorable one.

Custom packaging boxes offer an array of unique benefits and applications. Corrugated packaging is more durable and sturdy than its cardboard competitors. Corrugated packaging is also cost-effective and sustainable, and offers expansive design possibilities to create custom packaging boxes best suited for your brand. Well-designed custom packaging boxes can help keep your branding consistent, make your products more memorable, and catch the attention of online audiences and gift shoppers.

Learn more about the key benefits of corrugated packaging solutions so you can boost your brand with a small step that makes a big impact.

Keep Branding Consistent and Comprehensive

You’ve put time and thought into the design of your products, and the packaging design and material deserve that same attention. The added effort and intentionality behind beautifully designed, brand-centric packaging can help elevate your product above the rest and attract the attention of new customers. Designing your custom packaging boxes allows you to pull brand elements like color and font styles into your packaging, giving your customers a more cohesive and comprehensive branding experience.

Streamline Your Custom Packaging Solutions: Explore Dusobox’s comprehensive capabilities including the engineering, design, production, warehousing, and logistics needed to support your custom packaging creation.

Make Unboxing your Product Memorable

It’s unlikely your customers will remember the box your package came in if you stick to the same standard brown boxes they’ve come to expect. Break their expectations by using custom packaging boxes instead. When you give your customers a better unboxing experience, they look forward to unboxing your product again. A better-designed box has the opportunity to become a gift as well.
Subscription boxes in particular benefit from custom packaging boxes. Subscription boxes have been gaining popularity, and in 2021 saw over $22.7 billion in revenue. Stand out from the competition with striking custom packaging, a key factor in customer enjoyment. When customers order a subscription box, the size, materials, and design of the box elevate your product and offer them something to look forward to with each new month. Be intentional with your custom packaging boxes to wow your subscribers and keep them anticipating their next subscription box arrival.

Aesthetics Pay Off, Online and Off

Unboxing videos have taken the internet by storm over the past decade, with an estimated 90,000 people searching for “unboxing” videos each month. From toy to make-up to subscription box unboxing, this genre is gaining viewers and has the potential to propel a business’ sales if its packaging and product are featured in a video. Custom packaging boxes can help your product stand out on social media and attract new customers. It’s the extra thought that counts. Once new customers receive the product that caught their eye, the intentionality and effort behind your packaging can make them repeat customers.

Aesthetics also play a role in how giftable your product is. A beautifully designed package serves as a gift box, adding a thoughtful, luxurious experience when customers gift your product to their loved ones. A study with thousands of American adult participants showed that 81% deem packaging design a top feature of importance when purchasing a gift. Serve your customers with well-designed packaging that recipients could look forward to opening.

Stand Out with Striking Colors: Learn more about Dusobox’s G7 color certification, ensuring your custom packaging boxes are vivid, accurate, and perfectly printed.

Choose Dusobox for your Custom Packaging Boxes

For nearly 75 years, Dusobox has helped customers like you bring your brand to life through thoughtfully designed custom packaging solutions made of sturdy, sustainable corrugated materials. We’re the one-stop shop seeking to solve all your design dilemmas and help you transform basic, bland packaging into something brand-centric and beautiful instead. From design guidance to engineering and production to warehousing and logistic aid, we’re here to help every step of the way. With our flexibility, dependability, and comprehensive support, we’re the product packaging company that will make your products shine to their fullest design potential.

Custom packaging boxes are the sustainable, cost-effective choice that boosts your branding and delights your customers. When you’re ready to elevate your custom packaging boxes with a design and production team that works hard to deliver the highest-quality packages in cost-effective, efficient timelines, we’re here to help.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can serve your unique needs.