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Choosing a Product Packaging Company That Will Make Your Product Shine

When it comes to finding the right product packaging company for your next campaign, there are many goals and considerations you have in mind. Looking to drive more sales? You’ll need innovative designs that build loyalty. Need to meet increased demand with improved productivity? You’ll need efficient supply chain systems in place. Building a bigger brand and looking to ensure brand consistency? The expert eye of your packaging partner and the precision of your printer will be essential. 

Dusobox has been known for its reliable, high-quality, innovative packaging programs for more than 70 years. When it comes to industry expertise, our experience is unparalleled. When it’s time to take your business to the next level, follow our recommendations to identify an excellent partner and product packaging company.

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Custom Packaging Options

Customized packaging differentiates your brand from the competition, makes your offering stand out, gains recognition, and crucially, drives sales. So the range of custom options available at your fingertips with any potential packaging product packaging company is a factor to consider. Be sure to ask: will their current capabilities fulfill our packaging goals and vision to deliver our desired end result? 

The level of customizable options available will depend on two separate factors — the capabilities of the company in corrugated production and the capabilities of the company in printing. Companies with a wide range of capability in corrugated manufacturing will be able to fulfill custom sizes and shapes specific to your product for your next packaging program. Companies with a wide range of printing capabilities will be able to handle more custom colors and textures.

A company with capabilities in both production and printing will allow for the most opportunity in highlighting your product’s uniqueness amidst a sea of competitors. Enhanced custom options will also make your brand awareness better by making your products easier to recognize and remember.


In addition to custom capabilities, flexibility is another important characteristic of a high-quality product packaging company. No one wants an inflexible partner for any business endeavor. It’s especially important to find a partner that can meet your demands. When it comes to a supplier that impacts everyday production, inflexibility will only result in costly inefficiencies throughout your product supply chain.

A flexible partner will be able to meet deadlines in a fast-moving, often-changing environment, and shift to fit creative needs and requirements that differ between retail locations. They’ll be highly communicative, answer your questions, and make changes when necessary. That’s why having a flexible corrugated solutions provider will be such an asset to your business.


If your packaging printer can’t fulfill your designs with exactness, then your designs won’t translate to the final packaging. Having a packaging printer with deep industry experience will help to mitigate any issues in the process from design to prototype, and eventually to full print runs.

Printing certifications like the G7 Master Qualification can you give you added peace of mind when choosing a packaging printing company. The G7 certification indicates extensive training and mastery of color management for exact color-matching, efficient printing processes for a shorter time to market, and quick problem-solving so any technical issues that do arise ruin as little of a run as possible. This will also ensure better cost-efficiency, as less mistakes leads to less sunk costs.


Having a creative partner for packaging will benefit you both from an operational standpoint and from a design standpoint. Creative packaging companies are able to create better solutions to packaging problems while creating designs that delight customers.

The connection between creativity and better problem solving is well-established, with creativity also being linked to better communication and freed up time for managers and decision makers. Creative problem solvers will see problems as opportunities to improve a product or process, and will solve mistakes more quickly and innovatively.

Being able to turn to experts in packaging design for any questions and concerns about structural integrity and design possibilities will be invaluable to your business. And working with someone who can take your input and turn it into actionable packaging solutions will be just as helpful.


Knowing you can count on your packaging partner to deliver results when you need them will be integral to your supply chain. Meeting or missing deadlines can make or break a fast-moving consumer goods business, so this will be among the most important considerations you’ll need to make before choosing a packaging supplier.

A dependable product packaging company will meet or beat deadlines and consistently turn out high-quality products. Your branding and colors will be the same across different packaging runs, adding to a positive brand reputation and increased consumer recognition. And if any issues arise, you can trust a dependable supplier to handle them quickly and keep your projects on track.

Dependability also touches on communication. A company you can count on will make sure you have access to an open line of communication with a representative who will keep you updated on the project and answer any questions throughout. This will give you peace of mind and free up time and energy to focus on other important aspects of your business.


Lastly, efficiency will be a huge factor when it comes to improving your overall time to market. Having an inefficient packaging partner can unravel your supply chain plans and cause issues with other companies involved in production and fulfillment.

Looking at inefficiency in another light, inefficient packaging is worse for the environment, costs more in shipping and materials, and goes against consumers’ growing preferences toward eco-friendly packaging. Partnering with a product packaging company that can give you the best fit-to-product boxes and materials will help protect your product during shipping, avoiding additional costs from damage and disgruntled retailers or customers. In terms of cost savings, smaller packaging that fits your product better will help you save on shipping expenses, which are typically decided by dimensional, or DIM, weight.

Choosing the right packaging company will help you keep your processes more time and cost efficient, ultimately affecting your bottom line. It will also help you in case you’re ever up against quickly approaching deadlines, as you know that your packaging can be produced quickly and still be high-quality.

Dusobox Is An Expert Product Packaging Company That Will Help You Achieve Your Sales Goals

Dusobox has been adapting to changes in the packaging industry for more than seven decades, making us the perfect partner for any business looking to improve supply chain processes and get higher quality packaging products. Our G7 certification in printing means our dedicated professionals are experts at achieving on-point color balance and consistent color matching across prints. Matching quality and expertise with speed and efficiency, we’re the product packaging company you need for your next packaging program.

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