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Top 5 Advantages of Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

Make the Switch to Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

Are your shipping boxes arriving crushed and punctured, or otherwise damaging your products? Or maybe you’re ready to level up your customer experience by sprucing up out-dated, plain cardboard boxes? Either way, custom printed corrugated boxes might be the perfect solution for your business — whether it be for shipping industrial goods, online products, or reaching traditional retailers. Corrugated packaging inexpensively enhances the customer experience, offering a cost-effective, sustainable way to package and ship your products.

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5 Benefits of Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

1. Durability

Corrugated cardboard is one of the sturdiest and most secure packaging types on the market. It has a structurally sound design — one layer of fluting between two layers of cardboard — that provides exceptional cushioning for even the most fragile products.

It’s also a consumer’s preferred packaging choice. 70% of women and 65% of men say paper and corrugated cardboard packaging makes a product more attractive than other packaging materials. In fact, 71% of American consumers say they are more likely to buy brands that package their products in paper or cardboard than other materials.

2. Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainability

There are various corrugated cardboard box types and sizes, making them an excellent option for your unique needs. At Dusobox, our corrugated boxes can be fitted to your specific product, reducing the amount of packaging material — bubble wrap, peanuts, etc.— you need to use.

Corrugated cardboard is also more sustainable than other packaging materials. It’s lightweight, which lowers freight and handling costs and emissions. It’s also recyclable; on average, corrugated cardboard boxes are made from 70% to 90% recycled materials. Nearly 80% of American consumers consider sustainability when purchasing products, so corrugated cardboard could be a great addition to your sustainability practices.

3. Elevated Customer Experience

Instead of blank space, think of your boxes as inexpensive marketing material to megaphone your business’ brand, values, and mission statement. You could even highlight important regulatory or informational copy to inform your customers. With the ability to print on the inside and outside of the box, you could significantly cut down on extra paper or marketing materials inside the box.

At Dusobox, we work with you to offer the most cost-effective solution for custom printed corrugated boxes. In the past, businesses were relegated to litho-lamination and flexography for high-quality graphics on custom corrugated boxes. Now, advances in the printing process have launched corrugated digital printing into mainstream use. This has expanded the options available to brands and gives you a great opportunity to better connect and communicate with your customers.

4. Greater Brand Awareness

Custom printed corrugated boxes are a great way to expand brand awareness without spending additional marketing dollars. From your customer to their next-door neighbor, or even the delivery person, you’ll attract more attention to your brand with a custom box than a standard brown container.

How much is an investment in custom printed corrugated boxes really worth? Odds are, it can improve your bottom line. Direct-to-consumer shipping — think subscription boxes and online purchases — have skyrocketed recently, along with unboxing videos posted on social media. In these videos, people film themselves opening their most recent purchase and upload them to popular sites like YouTube. If you have attractive packaging, your brand is more likely to show up in these videos, giving you free advertising. Read our subscription box packaging blog to get more ideas for viral-worthy packaging.

5. Unlimited Design Possibilities

Dusobox can print on the inside and outside of your box to enhance your customer experience. We’re also able to fabricate internal die cuts to hold your product in place and provide better presentation upon opening.

We know inconsistencies in your brand’s color reduces your business’ recognizability and lowers the quality of your product. As a G7 Master Qualified Facility, we can also match any brand color, ensuring consistency across all your printed materials.

Don’t Ignore Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

When it comes to custom printed corrugated boxes, there are too many advantages to ignore. These sturdy, sustainable, and cost-effective boxes are great for elevating your customer experience and expanding your business’ brand awareness. We’d be happy to help you design a high-quality custom package, produced with G7 certified color management technology, to package and ship your unique product.

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