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Harness the Power of Influencer Unboxing Videos with Custom Packaging

Influencer unboxing videos continue to soar in popularity. Google Trends data shows that unboxing video views grew 57% over the past year, with uploads increasing by more than 50%. In this Internet age, modern customers consult trusted influencers online to discover new products and inspire their next purchase. For product manufacturers, these influencer unboxing videos serve as a powerful marketing opportunity that can showcase your brand to a wider audience in an engaging, effective way.

If you want to stand out from the competition and harness the power of influencer unboxing videos, custom packaging is the ideal tool. Custom packaging can add visual interest to your products in influencer unboxing videos, catching the attention of potential customers. It can also put your branding in the spotlight, helping you gain memorability and stick in the minds of shoppers. With the right custom packaging partner, you can create custom high-quality packaging authentic to your brand that sticks within your budget and impresses your customers.

Read on to explore the power of influencer marketing and the benefits of leveraging custom packaging to harness it.

The Power of Influencer Unboxing in 2023 

Influencer marketing and influencer unboxing videos continue to gain traction, with more than 72% of Gen Z and Millenials currently following influencers on social media. Influencers aren’t restricted to one niche — there are influencer unboxing videos for makeup, art supplies, toys, clothing, and even food, among much more. This means product manufacturers of all industries can harness the power of unboxing videos and find an audience online eager to discover new products within your niche.

The power of influencer unboxing videos goes further than putting your products in the spotlight — it’s highly effective at influencing the purchasing behavior of viewers. In one report, 50% of millennials shared they trust the products influencers recommend, and 33% of Gen Z-ers reported purchasing a product based on an influencer’s recommendation. The online audience isn’t just watching product unboxings, they’re paying attention to the key details — packaging, user experience, perceived quality — and purchasing accordingly. 

With the growing presence of video content across many social media platforms — from YouTube to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook videos — influencer unboxing videos are a versatile asset that can be shared widely to reach the biggest audience. Due to their versatility and value, more and more companies are incorporating influencer unboxing into their efforts. In one study, 17% of marketers surveyed reported that they planned to invest in influencer marketing for the first time in 2023, and that number is expected to rise. 

With the right custom packaging, you can leverage this influencer unboxing push and strategically captivate potential customers. 

Leverage the Power of Influencer Unboxing with Custom Packaging

For influencer unboxing videos, your first impression with the wide internet audience isn’t the quality of your product, it’s the packaging of your influencer box. Product quality is important, but the appearance and experience of your packaging play a key role in the memorability of your brand. When you partner with an expert packaging manufacturer, you benefit from their industry insight into what makes custom packaging effective and engaging for your customers. You also learn how you can strategically use internal and external packaging to enhance the unboxing experience.

Your packaging is a key opportunity to reflect your brand. From logo-printed internal packaging to vivid boxes infused with your brand’s colors and message, custom packaging with the right partner will showcase your brand to your customers in a memorable way. If you settle for standard brown or white boxes and don’t infuse your internal and external packaging with any branding, you’re missing a crucial opportunity to form a connection. 

Custom packaging can also help your influencer unboxing videos gain popularity because they can add more interest to a short video, which is key to gaining traction. Time is limited in social media videos, and the more you can showcase your brand when your product and packaging are on the screen, the better. Opening a standard brown box that doesn’t look like effort was put into the packaging design or experience might not impress viewers, while vibrant, high-quality packaging can stand out and show the brand went the extra mile to deliver the best experience possible. 

There are many options to develop high-quality custom packaging that reflects your brand, and a skilled packaging manufacturer can help you understand the best options for your needs. Your custom packaging may include:

  • Brand Colors – Using brand-authentic colors can be more visually appealing and more memorable than standard brown or white boxes.
  • Brand Logo – Branding your packaging with your logo will create a stronger brand presence that can stick with your viewers. 
  • Vivid Graphic Designs – The right packaging partner can print eye-catching designs on your packaging that stand out and delight your customers.
  • High-Quality Materials – Using sturdy, durable packaging materials will ensure your product’s packaging remains beautiful and strong throughout the duration of the shipping process.

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When you require quality custom packaging to stand out in influencer unboxing videos, we’re here to help. At Dusobox, we’re committed to supporting our customers from start to finish, offering design, engineering, manufacturing, and warehousing services to produce premium custom packaging and displays that meet your precise requirements. We’ve honed our expertise over the decades by delivering industry-leading packaging and display solutions that solve complex challenges for our customers. 

Our facility is equipped with the innovative equipment and skilled team needed to serve your needs. We’re G7-certified, showcasing our ability to achieve authentic brand colors and printing quality to the highest standards in the industry. We use our tools, skills, and team to create impressive, effective packaging that stands out in influencer unboxing videos. When you need custom packaging to wow your customers on the screen and off, turn to our team for full-service support. 

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