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Creating the Perfect Custom Packaging Solution for Your Products

When you need to make a lasting impression on your customers, custom packaging is the way to go. From design through implementation, you'll have everything you need to create packages that stand out from the crowd and deliver maximum impact.

Develop a Good Visual Design

A good packaging design will be critical for success. First impressions matter. Making an immediate visual impact will make your product memorable. Not convinced that packaging matters? An IPSO study on behalf of the Paper and Packaging Board revealed that 72 percent of consumers say a product's packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. That is nearly 2/3 of the respondents! And if they buy a gift, it matters even more (81 percent). It makes sense. Who wants to give a poorly packaged gift? And if your target demographic includes younger adults (ages 18-34), the more educated, the more affluent (earning $50,000 annually or more), or parents, make sure your packaging design and the materials you use are up to snuff because these groups are most highly influenced. 

When designing the graphics for your custom packaging, explore trends in packaging, but also look at other areas, such as interior design or current events. The global uncertainty and stress have led to some desiring a sense of calm and simplicity and, for others, escapism or nostalgia. Understanding your target demographic will help you to incorporate these concepts into your packaging design. 

If you don't have graphic design skills, involve your packaging manufacturer's design team, who can work with you to create the perfect design for your product.

Select the Right Materials For Your Custom Packaging Solution

Once you have come up with a design, it's time to select the right material to match the product, brand, and vision. View your product packaging holistically. Internal packaging, inserts, and primary, secondary, and even tertiary packaging for e-commerce, should have a coherent look at feel. It shows you care about your brand and your customer. 

Corrugate is a versatile material that can be the muse for innovative design. It is available in various flute sizes (the inner wavy layer that creates the thickness), from very thin to heavy duty, suitable for shipping. It can be cut into endless shapes to create internal dividers, partitions, and inserts to hold your product or products in place. When printed, they can bring alive a cohesive brand experience. Box inserts holding your product are particularly impactful for high-end merchandise or subscription boxes. 

Working with the Right Packaging Manufacturer

Designing, producing, and shipping all require coordination to ensure your product arrives in one piece and on time. This means having a reliable corrugated manufacturer with the right equipment and capabilities to produce your custom packaging and deliver it to you on time. 

Having a custom packaging partner with internal structural and graphic designers that can collaborate with you to ensure your custom packaging solution will protect your product and deliver the impact your brand deserves. Part of it is making sure you aren't underpackaging or overpackaging. Optimizing materials saves resources and is better for the environment – your customers will appreciate it. 

The IPSO survey mentioned above also revealed that environmentally friendly packaging is important. Three out of four are more likely to buy products packaged in paper or cardboard than other materials because they are better for the environment and less wasteful. 

Print quality is a critical factor in your packaging's success. To meet your goals and stay within budget, your packaging partner should offer multiple print options - digital, flexo, and offset litho-lamination. Some corrugated manufacturers can only print on the outside of boxes or have limited inside print capabilities. Ensure the manufacturer offers the level and quality of printing your custom packaging solution demands. Look for G7 ColorSpace Certification to guarantee visual color similarities across all print processes. Anything less can compromise your brand integrity and diminish its value. 

Create Your Perfect Custom Packaging Solution With Dusobox

As a G7-certified ColorSpace facility with on-staff graphic and structural designers, we can help you create packaging that will elevate your brand and delight your customers. Contact us to learn more.