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How to Provide the Ultimate Unboxing Experience Inside and Out

Your unboxing experience matters. For subscription box sellers, the unboxing experience serves as a vital component of the value you provide your customers, and it can be just as important to your sales and customer retention as the products you fill the box with. In a market expected to increase to $65 billion by 2027, subscription boxes continue to soar in customer demand and consumers are faced with a plethora of options when choosing which box to purchase. Standing out from the competition starts with an exceptional unboxing experience, and for nearly half of surveyed Americans, the strength of your unboxing experience will be the largest factor determining whether they become a repeat customer. 

In order to secure sales and build a loyal base of customers for your subscription box, it’s vital to deliver the ultimate unboxing experience. The internal and external packaging you choose is key. Read on to explore why your unboxing experience matters to your customers and your sales, and how to deliver the ultimate unboxing experience inside and out with the help of an expert packaging manufacturer like Dusobox. 

Customers Want a Better Unboxing Experience 

Recent studies have echoed the importance of the unboxing experience from the customer’s perspective.

In a recent survey, 93% of customers reported they’re more likely to purchase from a brand again if they had an excellent experience the first time. In another report, nearly half of surveyed customers said the unboxing experience specifically plays a key role in whether they will make another purchase. Research resounds — your unboxing experience plays a key role in your sales and retention. Customers want a thoughtful, memorable unboxing experience and if you don’t provide it, they will not purchase again.

As unboxing videos gain popularity online, your unboxing experience may help attract new customers. Unboxing videos total more than 1.1 billion views on YouTube, and Google reports that 62% of viewers are researching a specific product. Modern buyers want to browse reviews before completing the online sale when they can’t research the product hands-on, and these unboxing videos serve as vital resources for customers to connect with their next purchase. Your first impression matters, and your unboxing experience may help drive the sale. A better unboxing experience can entice your customers to feature your product in a video that can help you reach a wider audience. 

The effort you put into your customers’ unboxing experience has a real impact on their enjoyment and the likelihood that they will make another purchase. Focus on delivering the ultimate unboxing experience inside and out in order to secure future sales and leave your customers excited for their next purchase.

Improve Your Unboxing Experience with Branded External Packaging

Don’t settle for dull, unbranded external packaging. Your unboxing experience begins with how the box appears when it arrives. In fact, 61% of customers report being more excited for their purchase to arrive when they knew the packaging would be branded. 

When you choose corrugated packaging, you ensure your box is well-protected and durable during the shipping process without sacrificing visual appeal. Don’t settle for flimsy cardboard and other inferior packaging options or you risk your box arriving damaged from shipping or the weather. Corrugated materials offer more durability and will ensure your products arrive in perfect, professional-looking condition. 

Corrugated boxes are the perfect canvas for vibrant, branded packaging, and the right turnkey manufacturing partner will bring your brand to life with eye-catching packaging that starts your unboxing experience strongly. Use colors, imagery, and fonts to stand out from your competitors and wow your customers. 

When you partner with an expert packaging manufacturer, you and a design team can find the best way to bring your brand to life through your external packaging. At Dusobox, our skilled team is a certified G7 Master Facility Colorspace, ensuring we can achieve accurate, eye-catching colors and premium-quality printing.

Improve Your Unboxing Experience with Thoughtful Internal Packaging

As you choose internal packaging for your product, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. How easy is your package to open? Is the layout of your products within your package visually appealing and engaging, or does it seem random and disruptive to the unboxing experience?

For the ultimate unboxing experience, your products within the box should be organized thoughtfully and presented in an engaging way. Depending on your products and requirements, your packaging partner can work with you to design a custom solution that enhances the visual appearance of your product layout while also keeping your products protected and in place through shipping.

It’s also important to pay attention to how easy it is to open your box. Your internal packaging adds another protective layer to your products, but the best packaging will help customers unbox your package, not be an element they must fight with to enjoy your products. Your packaging partner will help you determine what internal packaging elements are necessary and how you can utilize them as another opportunity to enhance the branded customer experience with well-designed packaging.

Achieve the Ultimate Unboxing Experience with Dusobox

At Dusobox, we help brands deliver the ultimate unboxing experience to their customers with well-designed packaging inside and out. We provide start-to-finish support to ensure your unboxing experience is carefully crafted and sure to impress. When you require design, engineering, or printing assistance, our skilled team has the equipment and commitment to serve you.

For more than 70 years, we’ve created innovative solutions to solve unique packaging challenges. We know what it takes to improve your unboxing experience and drive sales with a better approach to unboxing. We’ll work with you to ensure your internal and external packaging serve your customers and stand out from the competition. Achieve the ultimate unboxing experience and secure return customers by contacting Dusobox today.