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Corrugated Display Manufacturers: Choosing a Partner that Helps to Increase Product Turns and Minimize Costs

When evaluating corrugated display manufacturers, you need a partner who can work with you to ensure your product makes its way past the cash register and into the homes of consumers. The manufacturer must have the experience, skills, and equipment to deliver a point-of-purchase display that will make an impact. 

Choosing the wrong corrugated display manufacturer can be costly. There are several ways that sales and reputation can be damaged if your chosen partner can’t provide a quality display on time. 

  • You may struggle to have your brand stand out among the competition, negatively impacting customer retention and growth. 
  • You could miss out on retail merchandising programs because delivery times weren’t met. 
  • You may be struggling with color consistency among print jobs, which can negatively impact customer perception and your brand.

There are many scenarios where the wrong manufacturer may introduce unnecessary costs or cause lost revenue if the display isn’t designed correctly. Below are some things to look for when choosing a corrugated display manufacturer.

Employee Expertise 

The manufacturer should employ experts in engineering, designing, manufacturing, and distributing display products. A design house, for example, may not understand packaging and the retail markets. A display manufacturer that is a retail specialist will understand the constraints of getting planogram space on the shelf and how to get the consumer’s attention. When a company invests in qualified, skilled people, they have complete control of the quality from ideation to distribution. 

Structural Design Capabilities

Displays often sit on the retail sales floor for months loaded with merchandise. They may often be bumped into or moved, making the strength and integrity of the display vital. A poorly made display may be pulled off the floor early and convey the wrong message to customers. 

The manufacturer’s structural designers should be aware of retail requirements, display placement in the store, space constraints, and multiple substrates so they can find a creative solution. An experienced designer will consider and reduce the likelihood of assembly errors that could lead to display structural failure. They should also be experienced with creating multiproduct and multiple placements displays. 

A multiproduct display allows you to put multiple related products on the same display (e.g., peanut butter and jelly or daytime and nighttime medicines), allowing you to increase sales. 

A multiple placement display is designed to provide more than one type of display opportunity, such as a free-standing display with sections that can be removed when the product numbers dwindle to become a countertop display. This allows you to reach consumers longer and realize a greater return on investment. 

Printing Capabilities

Print quality plays just an as important role as design for disruptive and eye-catching displays. Look for a manufacturer that can offer various print options, such as digital, flexography, offset printing, or a combination, to help meet your program goals and stay within your budget. 

Color consistency between displays and packaging that use different print techniques will help to maintain brand integrity. Look for a manufacturer that is a G7 Master Colorspace certified printer. This certification is granted to a physical facility and indicates that the facility has calibrated specific equipment and systems to G7 standards. This means your colors will look exactly as they should every time. 

Fulfillment Services

Looking for a manufacturer that offers fulfillment services and distribution can be a time and cost saver. When their fulfillment team assembles packs and distributes your products to retail stores or distribution centers, you save through reduced overhead and personnel that would otherwise be needed. Assembling and filling displays takes up a lot of space and is labor-intensive. For complex designs, it makes sense to have the company that designed it be responsible for assembly and pack out. 

Another reason fulfillment and distribution services are essential is that the manufacturer can ensure the product display is not damaged during transport. They should also optimize the truck loading to get the largest number of displays shipped per truckload. If the manufacturer is also responsible for the logistics of the filled displays, this may be considered during the design phase. 

If You’re Evaluating Corrugated Display Manufacturers, Consider Dusobox

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