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Make Your Visual Merchandising Displays Pop and Drive Sales With Corrugated POP Displays

Did you know the average shopper’s attention span lasts roughly eight seconds? You don’t have much time to make a first impression. As a product manufacturer, you need to position your products in the right places and with eye-catching visuals that trigger impulse buyers. If you are looking for visual merchandise displays that achieve this, look no further than well-designed and printed corrugated POP (point of purchase) displays.

Produced for aesthetics and engineered for sustainability, corrugated POP displays do more than add a pop of color to store countertops and retail floors. They display your products in a way that best appeals to customers’ aesthetic sensibilities.

By catering to your customers’ visual tastes, your visual marketing displays will trigger impulse buys as they catch shoppers’ eyes and invite them to engage with your products hands-on. 

In short, properly crafted and engineered visual merchandising displays made with corrugated materials may be just what you need to appeal to your shoppers and drive purchases. Read on to learn more about how you can make your displays pop with corrugated POP displays for maximum sales.

Why Visual Displays Work

Customers perceive several types of sensory stimuli. Of all of these, customers will gravitate more toward visual stimuli. If you’re skeptical, consider the likely number of people who learn visually. According to Intelligence Node, roughly 65% of individuals claim to be visual learners.

What does this statistic mean for you?

Most of your customers will gravitate toward visual displays. With sturdy, colorful, and high-quality corrugated POP displays, your customers will develop an awareness of your products. As a result, your customers will purchase your products sooner than if you presented them using other forms of media like audio.

Besides that, you will convey more product information in one well-crafted display than with plain shelves and sparing signage. Visual merchandising displays allow you to connect with shoppers more effectively and communicate key details about your product that sparks their interest, and then, their purchase.

Of course, how you position your displays matter. Positioned strategically, visual merchandising displays will hook your customers in and nudge them to purchase items at the right time. With the number of customers spending as much as $314 on monthly impulse buys, quick sales are almost a guarantee with well-positioned and well-designed corrugated POP displays.

While you can execute your visual merchandising strategy in many ways, you can cover most of your bases with just two types of corrugated POP displays.

Read on to learn more about the two corrugated POP displays that will trigger impulse buys. We’ll start with displays for store countertops.

Visual Marketing Displays for Countertops

The first strategic area to deploy your corrugated POP displays are store countertops. Countertops make your products accessible as they provide your customers with a buying experience that incorporates more than one sense. In other words, customers will be able to experience your products on several levels beyond the physical.

Countertop POP displays are especially effective at the point of sale (POS) or checkout counter. After all, customers waiting in line are an untapped opportunity to showcase products that catch attention. With displays near checkout counters, you can highlight smaller, lower-cost items such as seasonal hand sanitizer or breath mints.

Position matters. Beyond strategic positioning, you must add visual interest with bold colors, striking imagery, and well-sourced displays made from corrugated materials. Luckily, you can turn heads with your countertop POP displays by partnering with a G7-certified corrugated POP display partner.

Besides store countertops, there’s another place where your product displays can drive impulse purchases — store floors. For this reason, you must also target these parts of retail stores when crafting your visual merchandising strategy.

Visual Merchandising Displays for Floors

Corrugated POP displays are an excellent choice for driving sales and attracting customer attention with eye-catching displays. Not only are corrugated visual displays cost-effective, but they can also withstand long-term use without losing shape.

These displays can be custom created to suit your specific product needs and are excellent for off-shelf product promotion. A retail floor display can make a significant visual impact in a matter of minutes — achieving what would take an on-shelf planogram a year.

Corrugated POP floor displays can also enhance a customer’s shopping experience by making your products easily accessible on both a visual and tactile level. It is no wonder that floor displays are growing in popularity, as shown by the booming floor display market.

If you’re looking for visual displays that yield the best ROIs, you cannot go wrong with corrugated floor displays.

However, reading this, you may be wondering why corrugated is the material of choice. Read on to the next section to find out why we choose corrugated material for our visual POP displays and other visual merchandising products.

Why Choose Corrugated Material?

Displays — on-shelf or on store floors — are susceptible to wear and tear from frequent customer exposure, restocking, and cleaning. For this reason, the best types of material for displays should be durable, long-lasting, and sturdy enough to retain their shape.

While many materials on the market tick all of these boxes, most are hard to source. Worse yet, some materials like plastic fail to pass the sustainability test.

One choice boasts durability, resilience, and environmental and logistic sustainability: corrugated material.

Corrugated material is sustainable because it’s made of recycled paper. Consisting of multiple layers of recycled materials, corrugated sheets do not break or lose shape even with frequent manipulation.

Corrugated material’s durability and sustainability make it the ideal choice for displays that encounter frequent manipulation from customers. With corrugated components, you won’t have to worry about having your displays replaced frequently. Most importantly, they stay intact long enough to continue generating traffic and sales for your various points of purchase.

Enjoy Better Visual Merchandising Displays With Dusobox

Getting the attention of your buyers and generating an immersive visual experience with displays can make or break your merchandising strategy.

To attract customers and maximize sales, you need eye-catching visual merchandising products that turn heads. No other company can provide you with merchandising products that bring you closer to profits than Dusobox.

With over 70 years of experience and a full stack of production and logistic capabilities, Dusobox offers high-quality custom corrugated solutions to enhance your visual merchandising displays. We create striking displays that pop with color and detail, as shown by our G7 Color Certification.

Offering a full range of capabilities, we have a team that can design, create, kit, prototype, and ship for you. After production, our logistics capacities can ship your corrugated visual displays anywhere in the United States.

Position your store and products for success with corrugated displays. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can bring your visual merchandising displays to life.