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Increase Sales with an Effective Retail Countertop Display

With in-store visits becoming fewer and fewer for many customers, it is becoming more important for companies selling FMCGs (fast-moving consumer goods) to increase the value of each in-store interaction. One way to do this is through a well-designed retail countertop display.

Investing in your retail presentation will help make your products appealing, accessible, and attractive to customers. While simple PDQ (“Pretty Darn Quick”) trays and displays effectively hold your product at the point of purchase, custom designs will capture consumer attention at the register and increase overall sales.

Partnering with a supplier who can deliver high-quality countertop displays quickly will be vital to achieving the highest ROI for your packaging program. Here’s what you should look for in a corrugated retail countertop display manufacturer.

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Efficient Processes

One of the most important factors that will affect your displays’ ROI is how quickly they can be designed, produced, and shipped to stores in order to start moving products as soon as possible. For this reason, responsiveness and a quick turnaround time are indispensable qualities to search for when choosing a manufacturer.

Since you will likely need a higher quantity of smaller PDQ displays than full-size displays, fast production runs and efficient assembly methods will be ideal. You will want to work with a highly-skilled packaging design and production team that can engineer and manufacture retail countertop displays efficiently and design your products displays for easy assembly.

At Dusobox, we provide both structural engineering and technologically advanced printing and finishing equipment that is critical to your success. Our commitment to superior service means daily project status reports, as well as on-budget and on-time delivery of your displays.

Long-Lasting Displays

Retail countertop displays that can withstand shipment, assembly, holding products, disassembly, and reuse represent lower expenses for producers of FMCGs. Cut down long-term costs by working with a partner with robust structural expertise.

Corrugated has long been considered one of the strongest materials for custom packaging and displays. Its combination of structural rigidity and cushioning makes it ideal for containing and stabilizing products over the long term in various environments.

Backed by decades of experience in producing custom corrugated products, Dusobox creates expertly engineered display structures that withstand wear. Our packaging engineers conduct structural testing to verify quality during design and prototyping, leading to a reliably structured final product.

Printing Capabilities

Another benefit of partnering with a corrugated manufacturer for PDQ trays is the material’s ease of use during the printing process. Vibrant colors and designs can be fulfilled efficiently with exceptional quality through various applicable processes.

Innovative and effective designs capture the attention of the shopper and, with our G7 color-matching technology, we help build and maintain your brand’s consistency. We take advantage of every visible surface area to ensure your messaging is front and center.

Work with a G7 Master Colorspace certified printer for eye-catching designs executed brilliantly. With certifications for digital, offset, and flexographic printing processes and state-of-the-art equipment, Dusobox can deliver on any design.

Dusobox’s Retail Countertop Display Capabilities

With industry experience dating back to 1951, Dusobox has been a leader in advanced printing and finishing technology and equipment. We provide customers with packaging and display programs that provide a better sell-thru opportunity for you. Our displays are better engineered for easy assembly that retailers appreciate as well.

Dusobox can help you delight customers and retailers alike. Our goal is always to turn your greatest packaging challenges into your greatest success stories.

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