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Greater Flexibility, Greater Savings: Top Advantages of Modular Retail Displays

Though price discounts might seem like the prime choice if you’re trying to entice shoppers to spend on your products, research shows that there’s an even more effective move — using well-executed store displays. In-store display solutions like floor or modular retail displays offer powerful visual impact and pull customers in, encouraging purchases. They’re a critical asset businesses can use to boost their bottom line and increase sales.

You’re faced with a wide range of choices in how you display your products in the retail environment. From the size of your display to its material to the location it lands in — on the floor, on the shelves, or on the counters, — you have many options to choose from in order to create an effective display that will entice your customers and best suit your unique offering. 

Modular retail displays are a popular choice for many products, and they have the unique ability to be moved around or reconfigured based on your needs. This enables them to be more versatile than some counterparts and can help cut costs while delivering superior value. Read on to learn more about modular retail displays, their unique advantages, and how you can count on Dusobox to help design, engineer, and print a custom solution for your needs.

What are Modular Retail Displays?

Modular retail displays are display systems designed to be multi-use, capable of being shifted, moved, or reconfigured based on your changing needs. One example may be a pallet display with an additional component that can be added on top of it to provide further dimension and ways to organize your products.

More flexible than some other display systems, a modular retail display offers many unique advantages. Some modular systems can also be designed with the ability to add or take away shelves based on inventory needs. When you partner with the right display manufacturer, you can express your unique challenges to their team and discover a custom display solution with the capabilities to serve your needs.

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Advantages of Modular Retail Displays


As your product display needs to be changed, these systems can adapt to best serve you. They can be more easily moved around store locations and reconfigured to match your needs. Some product manufacturers may have multiple products to display at different points in time, but the need for the shape or location of the display may shift. With a custom display solution, you can enjoy greater flexibility.


Instead of buying multiple displays to address a challenge like movability, modular retail displays enable you to gain more options in how your systems can be used and reimagined. This can save you money and allow you to get more use from your display. Custom displays can also be made using cost-saving but durable materials, like corrugated materials, which extend the longevity of your modular retail displays while cutting project costs.

More Value 

Because your modular retail displays offer more customization opportunities and ways to use and adapt them, they offer more value than a traditional rigid system. Modular retail displays can offer superior value for products that you want to be highlighted in a variety of ways, or that need to be displayed differently depending on what area of the store they’re placed in or what season it is. This increased value helps you better support your bottom line and get more from your custom display investments.

Partner with Dusobox for Quality Custom Display Solutions Today

If you’re ready to explore your display system options and see if modular capabilities are right for your needs, turn to our team. At Dusobox, we have decades of experience designing quality custom display systems that offer superior flexibility and value. Our expertise enables us to design, print, manufacture, and distribute high-quality displays that meet your precise specifications and support your bottom line. 

We provide start-to-finish support, taking the time at the start of the project to understand your unique needs and challenges. Next, we design a high-quality display that will best serve your needs and display your products in the most effective way. We produce displays efficiently and ship across the United States so you can put our solutions in action wherever you need them. 

Our displays support a wide variety of industries, from agriculture, food, and beverage, to retail, toys, and many more. We know what it takes to transform bland, basic displays into a totally branded and engaging experience for your customers that works for your specific niche. With our high-quality printing capabilities and G7 printing certification, you can trust that our displays will be brand-accurate, bold, and better quality. 

We offer a wide range of display solutions, including counter, floor, and pallet displays, each of which can be custom-designed to best serve your needs. When you’re ready to level up your product displays with modular retail displays or other high-quality custom solutions, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.