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Finding the Right Partner for Food Box Packaging

Food box packaging must be designed with two critical components in mind: protectiveness and aesthetics. As the barrier between your products and all they will come in contact with before being purchased, your food box packaging keeps your products safe and secure. It also helps ensure your food products comply with packaging requirements and standards. 

In addition to the protectiveness your packaging provides, it also plays a big role in appealing to your customers. Well-designed food box packaging can help your products stand out and look even more appetizing to customers.

The right manufacturing partner can design food box packaging that offers the protection you require and brings your product and brand to life on the shelves. Read on to explore the importance of food packaging, how you can find the right partner for your needs, and what one bonus trait of your food packaging can help you stand out and secure the sale.

Understanding the Requirements of Food Box Packaging 

Food box packaging must perform reliably in a wide range of environments: from fluctuating temperatures in the shipping process to cold and damp locations in grocery and convenience stores to the extreme temperature changes that can occur in retail environments. Your food packaging must be designed with changing moisture levels in mind in order to prevent your food from becoming unsafe to consume. It may also be exposed to a range of chemicals, such as produce chemicals within grocery stores, and your packaging must withstand it.

Food packaging must also use food-safe materials if the packaging will come into direct contact with your products. Food-safe inks may be required, in addition to materials that can be clean, hygienic, and tamper-proof. The right packaging partner can help you evaluate the specifications for your unique product and find a packaging solution that matches every requirement to keep your products safe and ready for customers to enjoy.

The durability and structural design of your food box packaging are key, but the aesthetics of your packaging cannot be forgotten. Partner with a packaging manufacturer that has the design capabilities and food-safe commitment to ensure you can showcase your brand in an engaging, visually appealing way. 

What to Evaluate When Choosing the Right Food Box Packaging Partner


Choosing to work with a certified packaging partner ensures your chosen manufacturer adheres to high industry standards that certify the safety and quality of their creations. For food box packaging, two certifications reign supreme: the G7 Colorspace certification and the QSE Food Contact Packaging Safety certification.

The G7 Colorspace certification recognizes a company’s ability to print reliable, high-quality, brand-accurate designs. Partnering with a G7 certified partner ensures your manufacturer can achieve more vivid and accurate results, and also provides the confidence that your partner is committed to delivering the highest possible quality.

The QSE Food Contact Packaging Safety certification ensures that a manufacturer is held to rigid standards on food packaging quality and safety, so you can feel confident that your packaging will offer the protection and durability you need. This certification is critical because it ensures your packaging will be created to the necessary standards and will be safe for your food products.

Dusobox is proudly certified in both, evidence of our commitment to creating only the best packaging to protect and showcase your food products. 

Start-to-Finish Support

There are many steps that go into transforming your food packaging from an idea into a high-volume production run that is assembled, inventoried, and shipped based on your needs. If you partner with a packaging provider that doesn’t cover every step of the process, you may be forced to find an additional partner to finish it out. This can be expensive and time-consuming.

Instead, choose a partner equipped to serve your every need. Ensure they offer design guidance and can work with you to understand your needs before moving on to the packaging production process. If you require secondary services to complete your project, review your chosen partner’s offering and confirm that they’re equipped to provide assembly, warehousing, or inventory management support.

At Dusobox, we’re here to support you from start to finish. Our broad range of services empowers us to serve your needs comprehensively so you can count on us to address your needs every step of the way.

The Bonus That Can Make You Stand Out — Sustainability

If you and your competitors are all using beautifully designed and highly protective packaging, how can your packaging help stand out? When considering the consumer interests of the day, the answer is clear: sustainability.

Today’s customers want more sustainable packaging, and making the switch can yield a significant increase in sales. According to a recent study, more than 66% of customers reported that sustainability is a top consideration when making purchasing decisions. 77% view plastic as the least sustainable option and more than half of customers shared they’re more likely to choose more sustainable options instead. In fact, 46% of surveyed Americans shared they are willing to pay more for a product when the packaging is eco-conscious. 

For food providers, these statistics reveal an added benefit to choosing a food box packaging manufacturer that uses sustainable materials over plastic. Choosing a recyclable, eco-friendly option like corrugated materials can speak to customer interests and offer cost-savings due to their lower price point. They can also maximize the value of your food packaging, enabling you to spend less and earn more when you reach customers willing to pay higher prices for sustainable packaging.

At Dusobox, we use highly sustainable corrugated materials to produce your high-quality packaging. Our packaging never sacrifices quality, durability, or design opportunities for sustainability so you can enjoy an eco-friendly choice perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Contact Our Team for Quality Custom Food Packaging Today

At Dusobox, we’re committed to providing high-quality packaging for your food products that combines exceptional durability with enhanced aesthetics, and the sustainable edge that can help you stand out. We’ve been serving companies in the food and beverage sectors for decades, providing high-quality eco-conscious packaging with superior protection and vibrant designs. 

We’re equipped to serve your needs from start to finish. Our expert designers will help you craft the perfect food box packaging for your product and requirements, then our teams will print, manufacture, engineer, and distribute your custom packaging. With our team on your side, you can enjoy a smoother process and ensure your needs are met at every stage.

As certified and industry-leading food box packaging manufacturers, we’re committed to delivering excellent packaging that supports your bottom line. Explore our case study to learn how we helped a blueberry farm with quick turnaround times, custom-designed packaging, and excellent service. 

Ready to level up your food box packaging? Contact us today to get started.