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Sustainable Agricultural Packaging Solutions Can Yield Significant Increases In Sales

As the push for sustainable packaging increases, customers are paying more attention to whether the fruits and vegetables they purchase are plastic-wrapped or packaged in an environmentally conscious choice. An estimated 46% of surveyed Americans reported that they are willing to pay more for a product when the packaging is eco-conscious, while another 58% shared they’re more likely to choose products with sustainable packaging. According to a recent study by McKinsey and Nielsen, companies making sustainable choices with their agricultural packaging solutions are averaging much higher growth than their competitors, and that trend isn’t predicted to slow down.

For example, if you’re typically selling 10,000 units, switching to sustainable packaging could grow your sales by 28% over 5 years, up to 12,8000 units as opposed to non-eco-friendly competitors’ growth of only 20% or 12,000. The time to turn away from plastic and adopt more sustainable agricultural packaging solutions is now. When you partner with a sustainability-driven packaging and display partner, you can protect the planet while securing sales and steadily scaling. 

Ditching plastic packaging is made easier when you pursue corrugated agricultural packaging solutions that don’t sacrifice protection for sustainability. Agricultural products like fresh fruit and vegetables require strategic packaging that helps preserve their freshness. The right packaging manufacturer will boost the durability and protection offered to your products while also enhancing their visual appeal with key branding elements when the packaging is presented by grocery stores to customers. 

Read on to explore why corrugated materials are ideal for driving sales with sustainability, which agricultural packaging solutions you can leverage for store displays and primary packaging, and why Dusobox is uniquely positioned to support your sustainable packaging and display needs.

Advantages of Corrugated Agricultural Packaging Solutions

When determining the best material for your agricultural packaging, choosing more sustainable options such as corrugated materials can have a big impact on both your environmental footprint and your sales. Customers value sustainability and more than 66% of customers surveyed in a recent global study consider sustainability when purchasing. More than 77% view plastic as the least sustainable option. When you choose plastic packaging, you raise your environmental impact and risk losing the sale. 

Consider corrugated agricultural packaging solutions instead. Corrugated materials are created using sturdy sheets of fiberboard, a recyclable and durable material perfectly suited for packaging. Corrugated materials can be recycled up to 5-7 times, unlike conventional single-use plastic packaging. This extends the lifespan of the material and promotes sustainability. Corrugated materials are also lower in cost than some counterparts, making this material a cost-saving, sales-raising alternative. 

When you partner with the right corrugated packaging manufacturer, you can trust that your packaging will be sustainable without compromising on quality. With the unique branding abilities and increased durability of corrugated materials, you can customize your displays and containers to preserve the freshness of your fruits and vegetables while making them stand out from the competition.

Agricultural Packaging Solutions for Store Displays

Agricultural packaging solutions that function as store displays have two key jobs: protect your product and attract customers.

High-graphic corrugated trays are a sturdy, flat packaging option commonly utilized in the produce section of grocery stores. These trays provide durability without restricting your product to make it difficult for customers to access. This packaging choice empowers your products with the protection it needs to stay fresh and safe without being hidden away and hard for shoppers to see and choose.

Corrugated products offer an array of unique design capabilities and the right packaging manufacturer will produce vibrant, premium corrugated trays to strategically showcase your products. The eye-catching nature of high-graphic corrugated trays helps your agricultural products stand out among your competitors. Customize your corrugated trays with your brand’s color scheme or logos to highlight your brand’s identity and connect with your customers. 

When you work with a skilled, G7-certified packaging partner, you can empower your agricultural packaging solutions with vivid colors accurate to your brand every time. 

Agricultural Packaging Solutions for Primary Packaging

Your agricultural product’s primary packaging is the packaging your customers will directly engage with the most because it’s the packaging that will continue to secure your product even after its purchase. 

Thoughtful agricultural packaging solutions enhance the protection of your products and add another layer of branding, which helps customers form positive associations with your brand and boosts your memorability for the next time they shop. Corrugated agricultural packaging solutions for primary packaging are safe and hygienic. The material won’t transfer any harmful microbes or chemicals to your fruits and vegetables. 

Corrugated cartons and boxes offer expansive design capabilities when you partner with the right packaging facility. At Dusobox, our skilled team helped bring a blueberry farm’s brand to life with unique branding elements on their custom retail boxes. Our stylized boxes used the brand’s color scheme and logo to pop and protected the fragile fruit within it using key features like ventilation cutouts and sturdy sides. This offered better protection and visual appeal than generic packaging.

Partner with Dusobox for Innovative Agricultural Packaging Solutions 

At Dusobox, we’re dedicated to helping our customers drive sales and skyrocket their growth with strategic corrugated packaging. Our cost-saving corrugated packaging achieves the sustainability your customers are seeking without compromising on quality. We tailor our agricultural packaging solutions to your unique product requirements and needs. We serve our customers start-to-finish with high-quality turnkey capabilities. When you need to design, engineer, or print custom corrugated packaging, we have the equipment and commitment to help.

As a company, we’re driven to develop smarter sustainable solutions that don’t sacrifice durability. Our digital printing efforts offer unique eco-friendly benefits and we’ve created an innovative sustainable replacement to non-recyclable packaging material that you can choose to help the earth and enjoy the highest-quality packaging. 

We’re proud to have more than 70 years of experience serving businesses across the nation. We’ve partnered with an array of agricultural businesses to develop custom packaging solutions that drive sales while protecting their products and the planet. For sustainable agricultural packaging solutions that help you beat the competition, secure sales, and accelerate your growth, contact Dusobox today.