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Benefits of Partnering with a Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer After Reshoring Your Supply Chain

An Overview of Current Reshoring Efforts

Decades ago, many organizations moved their manufacturing operations overseas to countries like China. At the time, these companies took advantage of lower wages and more relaxed environmental and tax regulations in the foreign countries. Now, companies are bringing their manufacturing back to the United States in an effort called “supply chain reshoring.”

Supply chain reshoring efforts were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the narrowing labor rate gap between the United States and foreign countries, and increased overseas regulations. Reshoring also gained in popularity due to benefits like lower logistics costs and a reduced carbon footprint due to less complex supply chains. 

What Reshoring Means for Businesses and the Packaging Manufacturing Industry

When companies dramatically move their manufacturing capabilities, it means they must reconfigure various processes, including where they get their packaging. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an increase in online searches for packaging materials — mostly from buyers in California, Illinois, Texas, and New York. This, coupled with the increase in searches for packaging machinery sourcing, showcases that businesses were already looking for new ways to procure their packaging, and might be looking to vertically integrate packaging manufacturing in-house.

With more than 1,800 companies actively pursuing reshoring efforts, there’s a huge opportunity for these businesses to partner with corrugated packaging manufacturers like Dusobox to simplify their supply chain.

Benefits of Working with a Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer

Less Initial Investment

If you choose to not work with a corrugated packaging manufacturer, you’ll be in charge of making your own packaging. This can mean buying your own facility, expensive equipment, and hiring a workforce to make the materials. When you work with a corrugated packaging manufacturer, they already have the means to make your packaging, taking a huge stressor off your plate. They also have the experience to guide you through which packaging design will be best for your unique application.

Turnkey Solution for All Your Packaging Needs

Working with a corrugated packaging manufacturer often is a turnkey solution for all your packaging needs. At Dusobox, we can engineer, design, and manufacture corrugated packaging, signs, and displays. We’ve honed our capabilities for the last 67 years, and our integrated one-resource design and manufacturing team provides manufacturing solutions for every level, from the initial concept through testing and prototyping until your corrugated product is ready for consumption.

High Print and Material Quality

An experienced corrugated packaging manufacturer should have high-tech equipment that results in quality graphics for your packaging. At Dusobox, we have state-of-the-art lithographic and flexographic capabilities that are backed by a G7 Master Colorspace certification. This credential — provided by Idealliance — represents a global industry-leading set of specifications for ensuring visual similarity across all print processes. It indicates that our facility has calibrated our equipment and systems to G7 gray balance and neutral tone curves, allowing us to deliver G7 proofs and print products.

Reshoring your supply chain also means you’ll benefit from higher corrugated packaging standards required in the United States. Boxes in the United States are subjected to edge crush and bursting tests according to TAPPI 810, and may go through other tests depending on the material the box is made of. Curious about corrugated box standards? Go in-depth in our blog post here.

Quick Turnaround Times

When you work with an experienced corrugated packaging manufacturer, you can be sure they will meet your exact specification for your packaging in short order. 

Exploring Supply Chain Reshoring? Work with Dusobox for Your Corrugated Packaging Needs

Dusobox is a leading designer, engineer, and manufacturer of custom corrugated display solutions and product packaging. Since our inception in 1951, we’ve been honing our manufacturing capabilities to provide you with the highest quality product for your business. Our team’s eye for superior design aesthetics, coupled with the absolute science of engineered functionality allows us to provide pleasing and effective corrugated packaging, displays and signs that maximize our clients’ ROI and market share.

We also value sustainability and recycle over 20 tons of material every day. Additionally, we’ve made significant investments to develop paper-based materials that rival plastics. This product, called Mako-Board™, is a 100% recyclable, premium paper board for both indoor applications and temporary outdoor signs. Mako-Board™ is easy to recycle and saves money compared to other synthetic board materials. Our HP digital printing technology also provides positive environmental impacts for brands as it means lighter packaging and less transport expenses and impact.

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