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Why the Online Retail Packaging Solutions You Choose Matter

Online retail packaging solutions have headed onward and upward in the era of e-commerce. Commanding a mass appeal globally, online commerce is an ever-growing platform that relies heavily on packaging solutions for foolproof deliveries. It emerges as a top consideration before successfully delivering your products to far-fetched locations. Thus, online retail packaging solutions are the armor of every online retail store. 

Safe, transport-proof, fall-proof, and weather-resistant packaging ensures that your customers receive the product intact and in its best shape. Therefore, good packaging preserves not only a product’s aesthetics but also its functionality. Additionally, sturdy packaging increases the likelihood of a customer repurchasing with you, thereby boosting your revenues.  

While we are at it, it will also be worthwhile to touch upon the differences between in-store and online retail packaging solutions. Read along for some packaging education.

Difference Between In-Store and Online Retail Packaging Solutions

In-store packaging focuses on how a product is displayed and maximizing shelf placement. Its biggest upside is its tangible quality that allows customers to see and touch a product in real-time, dispelling the prevalent confusion of online media around a product’s actual weight, length, volume, and so on. In-store packaging must be eye-catching and persuade the customer to buy. 

Online packaging, on the other hand, has unique opportunities that in-store packaging doesn’t. Product images are two-dimensional, so customers usually buy based on product reviews. As many as 97% of consumers view product reviews when making a purchase decision, and 70% of consumers won’t purchase online before reading reviews. However, that doesn’t mean your packaging isn’t important. In fact, it has a major influence on your online reviews, which are a main driver of your sales.

Packaging Impacts Online Reviews

One of the biggest mistakes you can commit as an online retail business is not prioritizing packaging. Packaging is the first thing a customer notices about a product. While the primary goal of your online retail packaging solutions is to protect the integrity of the product, retailers also take this opportunity to increase brand awareness by branding the packaging. 

If your product arrives broken or damaged, you’ll receive poor reviews, which can impact the purchasing decisions of other consumers. In addition, you must ensure durable, product-specific packaging that can withstand transportation shocks and protect the product inside.

Make a Connection with Your Consumers

Enhance the Visual Appeal of Your Online Retail Packaging Solutions

Your online retail packaging solutions can also have a big impact on branding. Your packaging doesn’t have to be a dull, boring brown box. Instead, you can add a message and great design to your packaging to further distinguish your products from your competitors and better create a connection with your customer. A message can be anything from a thank you message to a quick bite on how your products contribute to a greener planet.

Display Employee Contributions or Customer Stories

Several brands also mention the story of one or more workers contributing to manufacturing the product, while others write about how much a customer’s purchase means to them. Brands are becoming increasingly aware of making the most out of utility packaging to connect with customers and stand out from their competitors. 

Partner With an Experienced Team Offering Custom Online Retail Packaging Solutions

Partnering with a team offering custom packaging solutions helps you create a positive, memorable experience for your customers, deepen their relationship with your brand, and ultimately create more sales.

Sustainability Matters

With climate and planet consciousness on the rise, brands are more accountable to the government, investors, and customers. Everything is on the citizens’ radar, from a brand’s raw materials to the packaging they use. In an endeavor for a greener planet, your customers want to see more sustainable packaging, and corrugated cardboard solutions offer an eco-friendly way to ship your products. However, per a Forbes article, although 90% of business leaders think sustainability is important, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy.

Businesses now understand that getting away with exploiting natural resources to their profitable ends and not falling in line with customer expectations are more noticeable than ever, and are opting for environment-friendly solutions for manufacturing and delivering their products. Therefore, using recycled materials for your online packaging solutions is the way to go in present times to become a sustainable business. 

Deloitte research shows that 67% of businesses have started using more sustainable materials, such as recycled materials and lower-emitting products.

Partner with an Online Retail Packaging Solutions Expert

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