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What Should You Look for in Custom Retail Packaging Manufacturers?

Per research by Global Market Insights, the retail ready packaging market was valued at $62.9 billion in 2021, and is projected to show a CAGR of 4.8% from 2022 to 2028 due to the flourishing global food and beverage industry. Therefore, with the growing market, the number of retail packaging manufacturers are also increasing.

When looking for experienced custom retail packaging manufacturers, how do you know which one will be the best fit for your needs? With multiple options on the market, knowing which partnership will be most advantageous for your manufacturing business can be difficult.

An ideal packaging partner must understand a company’s needs and create premium-quality packaging that closely aligns with its essence. Packaging is not restricted to product information and description but should also be durable, convenient, and in line with international safety standards. So, how would you choose a retail packaging manufacturer? And what factors should you keep in mind while choosing one?

Things to Look for in a Retail Packaging Manufacturer

Good packaging is a mark of a good product, subconsciously reassuring of and relating to its high quality. It is the first thing customers notice about a product and can help make or break their decision to purchase it. Thus, product manufacturers must be careful with the packaging partner they collaborate with.

Distinguishing a good retail packaging manufacturer from a not-so-good one has never been easier! Here’s a quick list of things you consider when finding a suitable retail packaging partner.


The importance of experience can never be overstated. An experienced manufacturer can help you design and manufacture the best packaging for your product based on your needs, goals, and challenges. They have a better understanding of the packaging strategies that succeed and the latest technological innovations.

An experienced and well-qualified manufacturer will have onsite professional services like structural engineering and design, prepress, and a graphics department to ensure your package protects, stands up to the rigors of shipping, and still looks great.

With years of expertise, they are familiar with national and international safety standards for packaging and have an air of precision in what they do. Experienced packaging manufacturers also offer versatility and diversity in their packaging solutions. For example, a manufacturer that has experience in creating both boxes and display solutions.

Turnkey Services

Some manufacturers outsource parts of the process, increasing lead times. You would want to consider a manufacturer that can design, engineer, print, assemble, and distribute your packaging. This single responsibility is preferable not only for reduced production time but also for costs, as there is no need for different bills and invoices from different departments.

Additionally, a single manufacturer overseeing all the steps leads to a more streamlined process. The resulting product is also better quality because of the back-end’s coordinated communication and lack of discrepancy. Thus, give preference to a retail packaging manufacturer offering turnkey services.

Printing Options and Expertise

There are a range of options for printing, including digital, flexography, and offset. An expert retail packaging manufacturer will specialize in all of these and offer top-of-the-class technology for an enhanced experience.

It will also suggest the best option for your needs and budget. You’ll also want to consider a company that can guarantee accurate brand colors every time, preferably qualified with a G7 master certification.

Sustainable Practices

As customers are becoming increasingly planet-conscious, they prefer sustainable and eco-friendly products. When choosing a retail packaging manufacturer, ask what actions they take for sustainability and how their products are environmentally friendly.

You do not want to collaborate with a packaging partner who produces products at the cost of the environment because it will also negatively impact your brand image in the public eye.

Let’s Create a Great Partnership

As a privately held family business since 1951, Dusobox continues to operate under the leadership of the Kelley family today. While our roots in manufacturing corrugated boxes were first in Boston, Dusobox now serves clients across the United States.

Dusobox Corporation is a corrugated printing and manufacturing facility that provides innovative digital as well as conventional corrugated printing, finishing, and assembly of custom packaging, displays, and signage programs for the B2B, B2C, and B2D markets. Dusobox is fully committed to a client-centric partnership for sustainable growth using the most technologically advanced printing and converting equipment with G7 certified color management credentials for seamless domestic and international distribution.

Our display solutions include:

- Floor Displays
- Counter Displays
- Standees
- Pallet Wraps and Skirts
- Full, Half, and Quarter Pallets
- Display Programs

Why Partner With Us for Displays?

- We are experts in engineering, designing, manufacturing, and distributing display products.
- We offer digital, flexography, and offset printing or a combination to meet your program goals.
- We understand the impact these solutions make and maximize their visual appearance and integrity through our G7 master certification.

G7 is an industry-leading set of color specifications for achieving gray balance, which is the foundation for achieving visual similarity and absolute color consistency. At Dusobox, we are a G7 Master Qualified Facility on all our printing processes, including digital, offset, and flexographic.

Dusobox provides extraordinary packaging and printing methodologies coupled with innovative and robust environmentally responsible materials. We recycle over 20 tons daily and have invested in paper-based materials that rival plastics, called Mako-Board™. It is a sustainable replacement for synthetic, non-recyclable outdoor sign and packaging material. Additionally, our digital printing uses water-based and food-safe inks.

Contact us for your packaging needs today!