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Strengthen ROI with Health and Beauty Shop Custom Retail Displays

Unlike most retail environments, brick-and-mortar beauty stores are experiencing increased sales when compared to pre-pandemic times. More health and beauty consumers are spending more money per trip on average, representing a significant growth opportunity for retail-focused beauty brands.

Health and beauty shop custom displays can be a delightful disruption on the retail floor that can yield a strong ROI. On average, for every $1 a company spends on a POP display, it receives a $4.99 return in incremental sales. This means that POP displays have an average return on investment of 499%.

Find out how Dusobox can make your next health and beauty products packaging program more successful. Reach out to one of our experts here.

Design Aesthetics

Eye-catching, unique designs will highlight your products in retail stores. Vibrant colors that exactly match your brand and vision will draw customers to your display amidst similar products from competing brands. Dusobox is G7 certified — learn more here!

Expressing Competitive Advantages

Today’s health and beauty consumers are not only critical about the products they use, but what the brand stands for from ethical sourcing, sustainability, and ingredients.  A well-designed display offers additional billboard space for brands to tell their story and close the sale on the retail floor without the help of a sales associate. 

Structural Design for Heavy Products

Toiletries, makeup, and hair care products can be fragile and heavy. Keep your products safe with structurally sound displays designed to hold your products in place for an extended period of time. Corrugated displays are cost-efficient, customizable, assemble easily and exceed most integrity standards.

Leveraging Digital Tools

Add a QR Code! By incorporating digital media into your display, you can link customers directly to your product with tutorials, coupons, beauty inspiration and how-to tips. QR codes are easy ways to engage, communicate and help make the sale. 

Dusobox Creates Effective Health and Beauty Shop Custom Retail Displays

Founded in 1951, Dusobox has deep experience in creating effective displays and packaging for products across many markets. Our health and beauty shop custom retail displays aim to best engage shoppers by appealing to their senses and communicating brand differentiators.

Dusobox can help health and beauty companies sell more products with innovative retail displays. Reach out now to connect with one of our packaging experts.