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Save Money with Eco-friendly Packaging Materials for Your E-commerce Brand

Why are Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials Important in the E-commerce Industry?

With rising consumer concern about the environment, eco-friendly packaging materials are something your e-commerce brand can’t ignore. Eco-friendly materials are better for the environment, benefit your brand, and save you money in the long run.

Let’s dive deeper into the reasons why you should make the switch to eco-friendly packaging materials and how to do it. 

Benefits of Eco-friendly Packaging Materials for E-commerce Brands

Better for the Environment

Using sustainable packaging — corrugated cardboard, for example — provides myriad benefits over its plastic counterpart. The creation of plastics accounts for 3.8% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, which is almost double what the aviation industry produces. In comparison, the paper and cardboard industry only accounts for about 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, corrugated cardboard is madefrom trees, which are a renewable resource. Plastics, on the other hand, are produced from crude oil, which is a non-renewable resource.

Consumers Prefer Companies that Use Sustainable Packaging

Studies show consumers choose brands that prioritize sustainability, so switching to eco-friendly e-commerce packaging solutions will dramatically benefit your organization. Showing potential customers that you responsibly package your products builds trust and solidifies them as a long-term brand follower.

Sustainable E-commerce Packaging Solutions Help Your Business Save Money

You can fully customize your corrugated cardboard packaging to fit your product, which will save your brand on inner packaging costs. Additionally, corrugated cardboard is a light material, which will reduce the amount your organization pays in transportation costs.

How to Make Your E-commerce Packaging Eco-friendly

Use Corrugated Cardboard for Your E-commerce Packaging Solutions

Corrugated cardboard packaging is one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging materials, as it’s recyclable and renewable. At Dusobox, we can help you create custom corrugated cardboard boxes that will greatly benefit your brand.

Create Custom Boxes that Fit Your Product

When you create custom boxes that fit your product, you can cut down on inner packaging materials, reducing waste. You can also use die cuts to keep your product in place during shipping, which further eliminates the need for non-recyclable inner packaging. In addition to these cost-saving advantages, custom boxes allow for a more compact transportation footprint, reducing your costs and environmental emissions.

As a corrugated cardboard packaging supplier with over 70 years of experience, Dusobox is uniquely positioned to help you create custom boxes that will stand out from your competitors. Our experienced team will help you engineer, design, produce, and store your boxes, as well as assist with logistics.

Use Digital Printing for Graphics

Choosing digital printing over traditional flexographic or lithographic printing offers a huge environmental and cost-saving benefit. With digital printing, you don’t need printing plates for production. These plates are expensive to make and wasteful as they must be recreated every time there’s a change in packaging. Digital printing completely eliminates the need for these plates.

With digital printing, you can print on demand, which allows you to place low minimum orders. Should your packaging design change, you won’t have to worry about throwing away a large amount of pieces.

At Dusobox, we invest in the best technology to achieve eye-catching graphics on your eco-friendly packaging materials. Our printing capabilities include digital, flexography, offset, or a combination of all three to help you reach your production goals quickly. Additionally, we hold a G7 Master Certification, which ensures visual similarity and absolute color consistency in your packaging so you make the best impression with each sale.

Partner with a Company that Prioritizes Sustainability

At Dusobox, our entire operation is focused on our commitment to sustainability. We’ve dedicated substantial intellectual and financial resources to provide the best packaging and printing methods in an environmentally responsible manner. 

We recycle over 20 tons of material every day, and we’ve made significant investments in bringing to market a paper-based material that rivals plastic. This paper-based material, called Mako-Board™, is a sustainable replacement to synthetic, non-recyclable outdoor sign and packaging material. It’s a premium paper board suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications exposed to hot, cold, moist, and wet environments. It’s also suitable for temporary outdoor signs.

In addition to our investments in Mako-Board™, we’ve made great strides in digital printing technology, which has less environmental impact than traditional printing processes. Our SC15500 and HPC500 equipment provides water-based and food-safe inks with less scrape and the ability for smaller print runs.

We’ve been providing custom packaging solutions to clients for over 70 years; our design focus and ability to precision-engineer various packaging, display, and signage programs that maximize ROI is unparalleled. With domestic and international distribution capabilities, traditional and digital print equipment, and a relentless commitment to the success of your program, we are a top choice to turn your custom packaging challenges into your greatest success stories.

Let’s Build Something Great Together

If you’re ready to start building your custom corrugated packaging or displays, we’re ready to help. Contact our helpful team today.