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Holiday Packaging Matters — Learn How to Enhance Yours

As the holiday season approaches, your packaging becomes even more important to stand out on the shelves and secure sales. 

Research shows that customers prefer packaging with special holiday and seasonal designs, and the novelty of your limited edition packaging can spark more engagement. Transitioning your typical packaging design to include holiday flair can make your products stand out on the shelves and can serve customers who actively seek out seasonal-looking products during the holiday time.

Holiday packaging can also be an opportunity to communicate a message to your customers. If a cartoon family shares cocoa on your hot chocolate beverage packaging, it can communicate that your product is a perfect addition to gatherings this season. Some brands even become known for their holiday packaging, and the right approach can help customers associate your product’s holiday packaging with the season, helping deepen brand loyalty.

Switching your standard packaging to holiday packaging is made simple with the right partner on your side. Read on to explore the importance of holiday packaging and how you can enhance yours with a skilled, swift packaging manufacturer like Dusobox. 

How Customers Feel About Holiday Packaging

For most businesses, the decision to consider holiday packaging is driven by the impact it will have on customer experience and sales. Research shows that customers prefer seasonal and holiday packaging, with a ratio of two-to-one. Switching your standard packaging to something with seasonal influences can better appeal to your customer’s interest and spark sales. Limited-edition packaging around the holiday season can garner new interest in your products and make them stand out on the shelves. It can also generate excitement and entice shoppers who look forward to holiday packaging each year.

For food and beverage products, seasonal and holiday packaging are even more important. In one study, 65% of surveyed customers reported that they felt holiday candy should have seasonal packaging. Without it, you may be overlooked in favor of competitors who went the extra mile. 

E-commerce sales also rise during the holiday season, and shoppers may consider the quality and appearance of your product’s packaging when choosing the best gift for their loved one. If you use high-quality packaging that factors in the unboxing experience of your users, it can stand out as a better option for gift-givers than products with standard, unimpressive packaging. Holiday packaging can enhance the experience of the recipient and impress your customers.

If you want to appeal to customer interests and expectations while delivering a high-quality experience to your shoppers with thoughtful packaging, turn to a skilled packaging manufacturer to design custom holiday packaging that goes beyond the competition. 

Create Custom Holiday Packaging with the Best Partner — Dusobox

At Dusobox, we have the expertise and experience to design, manufacture, print, and deliver custom holiday packaging that wows your customers. Here’s how we go beyond our competitors to deliver the most value:

Durable, Sustainable Materials

We use high-quality materials and industry-leading printing techniques to produce the highest-quality packaging. Our corrugated materials offer enhanced durability and customization opportunities. They’re also 100% recyclable and more sustainable than other packaging options, enabling you to achieve green initiatives within your company without compromising quality. 

Industry-Leading Printing

At Dusobox, we’re committed to bringing your brand to life through brand-accurate colors and graphics printed to the highest quality. We’re G7-certified, showcasing our excellence in achieving the most accurate colors. We also use the latest technology in the industry, constantly innovating to deliver even better printing results to our customers. 

Unique Solutions for Every Industry

We serve a wide variety of industries and can curate the best holiday packaging for your unique brand. Whether you require seasonal packaging to stand out on the snack shelf or you need holiday toy packaging, our team is here to help. We know what it takes to address complex challenges specific to a wide range of niches, and we’ll use our expertise and past success stories to help you discover your ideal packaging.

Maximum Efficiency

At Dusobox, we know time is of the essence, particularly when gearing up for the busy holiday season. Our team works efficiently with the latest machinery in order to deliver the volume of holiday packaging you need within the tight timeline you require. Our efficient practices and advanced machinery enable us to produce high volumes of custom packaging and ship it to you quickly so you can get your products in the hands of your customers on time.

Start-to-Finish Support

Not sure where to start with your holiday packaging? Our team delivers start-to-finish support. At the beginning of your project, we’ll provide strategic design support to help you create the perfect holiday packaging that showcases your brand, appeals to customers, and sticks within your budget. Next, we’ll print and manufacture your high-quality packaging with advanced processes that turn it around faster. We even offer warehousing support to serve your needs and support you as you get your products to market.

Contact Dusobox for High-Quality Holiday Packaging Today

When you’re ready to delight your customers with high-quality holiday packaging, we’re here to help. Contact the Dusobox team today to get started.