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Engage Customers with Creative Grocery Store Displays

Creative grocery store displays can drive sales and solidify customer loyalty. Corrugated displays are a quick and affordable way to get new products into the retail planogram, and help your existing products stand out. Shoppers assume products in displays are limited-time-only products and are likely to consider impulse buying. Although shoppers’ habits have changed since the pandemic, the right creative display can engage customers and provide a competitive advantage. 

Changes For Grocery Retail

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, increased anxiety kept consumers from shopping in retail stores. But 2021 saw a significant shift as shoppers returned to stores and offline sales grew by 14 percent in the 4th quarter– three times higher than the previous year. In another survey, 97% of those that shopped online also shopped in-store for groceries. 

The shift to supplementing online shopping with in-store grocery shopping means you now have more opportunities to capture your customer’s attention with a creatively designed display. With so much on the line, you can’t risk your display getting lost in the grocery store aisle. Below are some ideas for creating a winning grocery store display. 

First Things First

Whether your goal is to increase sales, appeal to a new market, or introduce a new product, consider the store’s allotted footprint and how many SKUs are needed to accompany the display in order to achieve the maximum ROI. 

Keep It Simple

Having one primary message while staying within the parameters of your brand guidelines will have the maximum impact. 

Evoke Emotion

Using your display to appeal to your customer’s needs, dreams, and values can evoke a strong emotional response. Emotions play a prominent role in decision-making. With a grocery store display, you can creatively tell a story with vibrant graphics. For example, rolling farmlands can impart the message that a product is fresh and natural, or condensation glimmering on a beverage container can convey that it is refreshing. 

Make It Stand Out

Don’t let your display blend in with its background. Break away from traditional shapes for a display that will turn heads. Use the unexpected to your advantage to surprise your customer. 

Make it interactive

Consider adding a QR code that offers more product information, discounts, sweepstakes or recipes. Consider having physical coupons or recipes attached to the display that customers can take directly to the cashier.

Choose Your Partner Wisely

Choosing the right partner to create your grocery store display is important for ensuring structural integrity, ease of assembly, and printing that is consistent with your brand guidelines. At Dusobox, we have expertise in structural engineering, graphic design, and print production. We can tailor a combination of flexo, digital, and/or offset printing to create a cost-effective display that will impress your customers and meet your needs. With a critical eye for design aesthetics, we employ the science of engineered functionality to provide you with brilliant, accurate, and effective grocery store displays.

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