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Does Your Corrugated Manufacturer Fit Your Needs?

When you think about your corrugated manufacturer, do you feel all of your needs are being met? Quality, capabilities, lead times? There are over a thousand corrugated facilities in the United States, so you don’t have to settle, but you should understand the types of facilities that manufacturer corrugated so that you can make an educated decision.

Types of Corrugated Operations

There are two types of corrugated operations: integrated and independent

Integrated operations tend to be large conglomerates that are publicly owned. They are vertically integrated, often owning all aspects of box making from the forests to paper mills, sheet feeders, and box plants. Generally, they own dozens of facilities. Some of the facilities like sheet feeders may sell to other companies as well. They prefer one-color truckload runs. They also tend to have longer lead times. 

Independent corrugators manufacturers are not publicly traded and are often family-run businesses. Although they don’t own forests, some might own a mill, but most tend to be sheet plants (see below). Their strength lies in accommodating their individual customer’s needs, whether that involves small runs, customization, or solving a structural packaging challenge. Turnaround times depends on the project’s complexity, but generally speaking, it is faster than an integrated operation.

These two types of operations are further broken down by corrugator, sheet feeder, and sheet plants.

  • Corrugator – This company makes corrugated products, such as boxes. It makes corrugated from roll stock and converts that to a finished corrugated product.
  • Sheet feeder – More limited in scope, this type of manufacturer only makes sheets of corrugated board, which it sells to sheet plants.
  • Sheet plant - These plants buy from sheet feeders or corrugators and use finishing equipment to make boxes.

Understanding how these are set up and interact can help you make an informed choice. If you order truckloads of relatively simple boxes and are mostly concerned about unit price, an integrated operation may be for you. However, if you need customization, problem-solving, money-saving opportunities through optimization, short runs, and a relationship with your corrugated vendor, an independent sheet plant is a better choice. 

How Dusobox Stacks Up

Since 1951, we have been a privately owned family independent sheet plant, operating under the Kelley family’s leadership. Our customers experience sustainable growth through our expertly engineered and custom designed and printed corrugated displays and packaging. We use the most technologically advanced printing and converting equipment to maximize our customers’ ROI and market share. 

Some of the ways we stand out are through superior quality printing with color consistency, industry experience, and our flexible manufacturing experience.

Color Consistency

Color consistency from product to product contributes to your brand’s equity. It is vital to work with a vendor that can ensure your colors look exactly the same every time.  No matter which printing technique is used at Dusobox – digital, flexographic or offset – your packaging, retail display, or signs will be perfectly color-matched because we are G7 Master Colorspace certified.

G7 is a global specification created by Idealliance for achieving visual color similarity across all print processes. From proof to print, no matter where or how your product is printed, you are assured of color consistency. G7 Master Qualification is granted to a physical facility and indicates that it has calibrated specific equipment and systems to G7 standards. Dusobox has achieved G7 Master Colorspace certification, the most stringent and difficult level to achieve.

Industry Experience  

Seventy years ago, our family started manufacturing corrugated boxes in Boston. We are now in Central Florida, but we still carry the innovative drive we had in the early years to provide unmatched corrugated packaging, sign, and display programs.  We provide solutions from initial conceptualization, testing, and prototyping to finished, printed, and assembled creative packaging and displays with core competencies in engineering, design, and manufacturing. We partner with you every step of the way, delivering a return on investment that will exceed your every expectation.

Flexible Corrugated Manufacturing Process

Our priority is providing our customers with the best solution that fits every budget. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and budget and then design and execute a plan to achieve your goals. To offer cost-effective solutions, we can print using any one or combination of printing options: litho-lamination, digital, and/or flexography.  Because we are G7 Master Colorspace certified, you can be assured that your corrugated boxes, signs, and/or displays will exactly match your branding targets. 

Ready to partner with a corrugated supplier that can provide you with innovative corrugated solutions that will fit your budget? Contact us to learn how we can help you.