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Achieving Color Consistency as You Scale Up Production

Maybe you started with product testing, had packaging variations, or had another reason for needing small digital print runs. But now you've honed in on your perfect design and you are ready to scale up your packaging to a large run size. Or maybe you have various SKUs with some requiring short runs and some large runs.

While digital printing is an excellent high-quality choice for small to medium runs, when it comes to large runs, offset litho-lamination and flexographic printing may be more economical. But how can you be assured that your brand's color will remain consistent between vastly different printing techniques?

G7 Colorspace Certification Ensures Color Consistency

No matter which printing technique is used at Dusobox, your packaging, retail display, or signs will be perfectly color-matched because we are G7 Master Colorspace certified.

G7 is a global specification, created by Idealliance, for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. From proof to print, no matter where or how your product is printed, you are assured color consistency when you work with a G7 certified printer like Dusobox. G7 Master Qualification is granted to a physical facility and indicates that the facility has calibrated certain equipment and systems to G7 standards.

Not all G7 certified facilities are capable of the same level of performance, however. There are three levels of G7 certification: G7 Grayscale, G7 targeted, and G7 Colorspace.

Having achieved G7 Colorspace certification, the most stringent and difficult level to achieve, Dusobox can assure you that whether we are printing digital, offset litho, or flexo, your brand's colors will be consistent from run to run.

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