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3 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Product Display Solution

There are many ways to display your product in a retail environment, from floor and counter displays to pallets, standees, and other point-of-purchase displays that entice customers to explore your product. With so many options available, how can you choose the right display solution for you? We’ve narrowed it down to three key steps.

Choosing the right product display solution is made simple when you follow our simplified guide. Read on to explore what product displays you should consider, our three tips for choosing your perfect product display solution, and how Dusobox is prepared to help.

Product Display Solution Breakdown 

Product display solutions showcase your product and encourage point-of-purchase sales. Point-of-purchase, or POP displays, are strategically placed to increase the visibility of a product and entice customers to explore them hands-on. Different POP displays are better suited to different products and areas of a retail environment, and when used effectively, they can drive impulse sales and increase your revenue.

When considering the right product display solution for your needs, evaluate the following options:

Floor Displays

Floor displays elevate your products and offer a powerful visual impact for customers. Situated on the floor, these tall displays naturally elevate your products and put them in the line of sight of customers. Despite their strong presence, these displays can actually be a cost-effective choice for manufacturers hoping to feature their products in new ways. This allows you to maximize your ROI and enjoy a large display sure to catch the attention of customers. 

Counter Displays

Counter displays can uniquely position your products to encourage impulse purchases. Located on countertops, often near the register, this solution is ideal for smaller products like hand sanitizer, snacks, and other seasonal essentials, including gloves or sunglasses. Often, a counter display can prompt shoppers to purchase something they may not have been initially seeking when entering the store, but once it grabs their attention, they realize they want it. If you produce smaller products that might stand out near the register, a countertop display may be the best choice.

Pallet Displays

Available in a wide variety of options, pallet displays encourage your customers to explore your products hands-on and can be customized to match your unique needs. These displays are large and command the attention of customers due to the space they take up and the visual impact they carry. Many beverage manufacturers who package their products in cases, as well as producers of large products that stack easily, utilize pallet displays to organize their products in neat and visually enticing ways. 

Standee Displays

Standees are a graphic, fun way to pull customers in and leave a memorable impression. Standees are a cost-effective way to share more information about your products without relying on customers to pick up a product and read the box. If your products rely on an explanation or benefit from the presence of more information, a standee provides a powerful visual impact and allows you to strategically share more details about your product to pull customers in. 

3 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Product Display Solution

Tip One: Evaluate Your Product

Each product display solution aims to highlight your product to customers, but certain methods may work better than others depending on the specific nature of your product. Does your product require a longer explanation to appeal to customers? Consider using a standee display to share more information in a visual way. Is your product small or seasonal? Turn to a counter display to position it strategically. If your product is large or uniquely shaped, a pallet display may be a better choice. Take the time to explore the nature of your product and how a display can best showcase it to customers.

Tip Two: Evaluate Your Market

Whether your product display solution will drive sales when featured on a countertop or the floor will also be influenced by your specific industry and retail environment. If you’re selling lip balm within a grocery store environment, a counter display near the register may be an ideal spot to highlight it, whereas a pallet display may be more strategic if you’re selling soda cases. Consider the market of your product and where it’s typically housed within stores to help determine which product display will fit right in.

Tip Three: Find a Way to Stand Out

To stand out and spark interest with your product displays, it’s important to evaluate the best way to innovate beyond the competition. This may include using branded colors or unique graphics to stand out among your competitors. If you determine a floor display will best showcase your product, your display partner can explore your options for crafting a unique display with interesting shapes or vivid designs. With the right partner, you never have to settle for basic — think outside the box and drive POP sales with a custom corrugated display designed to your specific vision.

Ready to Discover Your Perfect Product Display Solution? Dusobox is Here to Help.

At Dusobox, we’re committed to combining our industry expertise with tried-and-true processes to create high-quality product displays for businesses in need. We produce packaging and display solutions for a wide variety of markets, including food and beverage, cosmetics, toys, and many more. We know what it takes to pick out the best corrugated POP display solution for your business, and we’ll work hard to develop a custom, eye-catching display with maximum ROI. 

Our expansive facility is complete with the latest technology and equipment in the market, allowing us to work more quickly and accurately to develop your ideal display solution. This keeps it within budget and on time so you can start leveraging our expertise in the retail environment and reap the rewards much faster. Turn to our team for start-to-finish support, including the design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution services you need to push your project forward and see the benefits even sooner.

When you’re ready to discover your perfect product display solution, our team is ready to help. Contact us today.