Intellismart® Private Access

The Intellismart® Private Access is a Microsoft based, secure private internet rich-media delivery platform, that is guaranteed not to be intercepted by competitors.  Your information and your customers information, is in a 100% secure non-public platform designed specifically for private mobile communication.  Create custom branded elegant interactive rich-media private access experiences with videos, graphics, web pages, images, augmented reality, 3D holograms, call-to-actions, education, and more.

Interactive Mobile Connect: Text-To-Video

Deliver one-on-one private on-demand educational and informative mobile communications with a simple SMS text coding platform. This will allow you, as a marketer, to effectively communicate a personalized, rich-content platform while ensuring user privacy in a secure platform with a 100% opt-in, non-intrusive rich content, and without ads from competitive brands.

As marketers, you will have real-time measurements, engagement details and valuable insights about your customer and your promotions while protecting the privacy of your customer.

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First in the USA: The New HP PageWide C500 Press, and Its only at Duxobox

Digital printing with offset quality expnds to corrugated packaging and is now possible with the new HPC500.

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