Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

We’re You’re Go-To Resource for Custom Retail Displays, Corrugated Boxes, Packaging Solutions, and More

For more than 70 years, Dusobox has been serving brands with custom retail displays and corrugated boxes in Jacksonville, Florida and beyond. We engineer, design, manufacture, and distribute a variety of custom corrugated packaging solutions that help retailers increase sales, help online brands strengthen customer relationships, and more. We can do the same for your brand, too. Connect with us to learn about our capabilities, or book a meeting with our team.

Build an ROI-Enhancing Program with Dusobox

Whether you’re looking to increase engagement and repeat sales with online customers via a custom-designed subscription box or more effectively compete in today’s crowded retail spaces with a differentiated display program, we offer the complete packaging and display capabilities you need to achieve your goals.

Custom Packaging

Subscription boxes, brown boxes, and other retail packaging solutions that impress with every purchase.


Corrugated POP Displays

Engage customers and stand out with a variety of highly customized and engineered POP displays.


Signs and Standees

Capture eyes and hearts with signage programs that help your products stand out above competitors.


We Go Beyond Custom Retail Displays and Corrugated Boxes in Jacksonville, FL

  • At Dusobox, we’re far more than simply a producer of custom retail packaging and display solutions. We believe in turning your greatest corrugated challenges into your greatest success stories. We achieve that with our G7 Master Facility Colorspace certification, a relentless commitment to sustainability, and a wealth of value-added services that range from package engineering and design to logistics and distribution. Simply put — we’re the custom retail display and corrugated box partner you need to drive repeat sales and deepen customer relationships.

Find Your Packaging and Display Solution at Dusobox

Put our expertise to work for your products and brand. Connect with us today to learn more.


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