Case Study

FreshJax Logo

The Opportunity:

FreshJax currently enjoys a strong ecommerce business with their spice blends, and was presented with an opportunity to take their five spice gift-set and move into national retail channels. Recognizing that a plain white box would not be suitable for retail, Dusobox was introduced to the FreshJax
for strategic direction.

The Solution was Two-Fold:

Dusobox provided both a new brand look by creating a strong organic graphic identity that aligned with the brand's future strategy as well as engineered a new retail ready box that high­lighted each of the spices without the consumer having to open the box.

The Results:

FreshJax now has a graphic architecture that spins out to over six varieties of gift boxes, using a color designation system for sku differentiation as well as converting browsers into buyers both online and for upcoming retail channels.

FreshJax Packaging BeforeFreshJax Packaging AfterFreshJax Packaging After #3FreshJax Packaging After #2FreshJax Packaging After #4