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WizBangBox Customized Boxes at Your Fingertips

A 2019 EPiServer survey found that 41% of B2B buyers say self-service functionality would make it easier to do business online. Fast forward to 2020, during the largest pandemic current history has witnessed, one would imagine that number is significantly higher as we have moved many business practices online. Even though many are working from home, we still need to get important products to our customers, whether it’s a subscription food box, nutraceuticals, or other necessities. Those products need boxes. 

B2B companies have been able to buy commodity boxes online for a number of years, but now the self-service functionality that B2B companies require is available for high-quality digital, flexo, or offset printed, customized corrugated products.

In response to the market demand, DusoBox created Customers get all the advantages of digital, flexo, or offset printing with the convenience and speed of ordering online. It is available 24/7, making time zone differences irrelevant and allowing you to create whenever inspiration hits. WizBangBox offers 11 product categories, which range from tuck cartons and displays to telescoping boxes and partitions.

Print quality is exactly the same as a traditional order. The color will be consistent from print no matter which printing method you choose. This is because we are a G7 Master Qualified Facility on all of our printing processes, including digital, offset, and flexographic, which means you receive absolute color consistency on every job.

One functionality of the site that really makes it stand out is the ability to save projects. This is ideal for customers who frequently order the same item, making minor changes to the artwork each time. Customers who need short runs (in the 250 range) will find they can easily customize corrugated products for different marketing campaigns, by season, based on geography or however they feel inspired. 

Once you have created your design in the user-friendly workspace, you simply submit it for a quote. Prior to it being printed, you will receive a PDF proof or can review the art in 3D. You are required to sign off on the proof prior to printing to ensure you are completely satisfied with your design. 

Digital printing is the most economical brand-friendly solution for corrugated graphics. In addition to the convenience of online purchasing, the digital printing offered by WizBangBox provides many benefits over traditional printing, including:

WizBangBox Custom Boxes and Displays

Saving money

  • Shorter runs
  • Less inventory
  • Less waste
  • Improved economics

Reducing Risk

  • Market testing
  • Use the most updated version
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Volume based on demand
  • Global color management
  • Anti-counterfeit components
  • Print quality regulatory compliance

Increasing Sales

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Deliver localized versions
  • Cause driven promotions
  • Event-driven promotions
  • Late-stage product differentiation
  • Product life cycle solutions

Meeting Environmental Objectives

  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced obsolescence
  • Eliminated hazardous chemical use
  • Reduced energy consumption

Improving the Supply Chain

  • Revision control
  • Just-in-Time production 
  • Distribution

Get Started

To get started customizing your corrugated packaging, visit to request access. Once you sign in, you can create your box, sign, or display in three easy steps.

  • Choose your style of corrugated box and customize the dimensions specifically to your needs 
  • Add your own graphics, or pick from our library of images and fonts. Review and proof your custom 3D rendering in minutes
  • Request a quote and place your print order, and we will ship it directly to you. Multiple delivery options are available to fit every budget.

It is that simple!